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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year! Thankful Thursday 1/1/2015

Happy New Year, y'all! What is everyone's resolutions for this year? For me, I'm going to be more positive and going to surround myself with some more positive things. Music is always a good thing, so I will be listening to a lot of music, writing more each day and making my Instagram/Twitter feeds more positive - I'll be unfollowing most of the negative people I follow because what those negative people post really bring everyone down. Why surround yourself with that?

I also have some blog plans for this year. I want to keep the pictures, my writing (fiction/poetry) and cooking since I plan on cooking a lot more in 2015. I plan on having "The Secret Life" on either a Saturday or Sunday, Thankful Thursdays, Fiction Wednesdays, Poetry Fridays, with photography and cooking thrown into the mix. Musings of a Creative Writer is going to be interesting this year.

The other day on Blog City, the prompt was how does one keep resolutions? I responded that the list should have small things and the big things of the list are what take the longest to accomplish. I actually don't believe in New Year resolutions, I think goals should be worked toward continuously - with small and big things. Sometimes the bigger things take a while and we feel proud when we finally do achieve those. That's why I think small things are important too so you don't feel too crushed if the big thing doesn't happen right away. I really like what my friend Joy had to say:

My sticking-to-promises-made-to-self always involves writing. I write long lists of what to do for each day either from the night before or early in the morning. On purpose, I make long lists, a lot more than I can chew. If I can do, in a day, half of what I wrote, then I am good. If I can accomplish more than half, hurrah! But sometimes, life happens and I fall under the middle of the list. I still give a pat on my own back and say to myself, “You tried, at least!” And I go on.

Long-term promises and resolutions I usually stay away from, but if I have to make them, I write in my private journal an essay-long piece on why and how I should keep to those. Most of the time, this works, too. 

As to other ideas, American Psychological Association’s tips on sticking with resolutions involve these points:

• Start small
• Change one behavior at a time
• Talk about it
• Don’t beat yourself up
• Ask for support

I also came across an article on the web a while ago, which gave pointers on the same issue. (Sorry, I just don’t remember the link, although I have copied and pasted the article in a word file.)

It said: 
• First don’t bite more than you can chew. (So unlike me!)
• Start on a Monday as it is the most popular day for starting. 
(I can’t wait for a Monday or any other day. If I want to do something, I have to start it NOW!)
• Don’t just wing it. Plan for it.
• Do not have a plan B. 
(So unlike me again. I always have a plan B. *Laugh* Where would I be without plan Bs? All my life is a plan B.)
• Pick a round number. 
(The article said marathon runners usually finished around round numbers. I wouldn’t know about this. I never ran a marathon, and it isn’t likely I’ll run one in this lifetime, either. *Laugh* )
• Put cash on the line. 
To lose weight, when people didn’t meet their goal, they were fined, and this worked. (This wouldn’t work for me either. If somebody would fine me, I’d run out of that place like a wind gust passing through. This is probably what happened to some who started on that program, and because they dropped out, they weren’t counted at all. Thus the success of the program.)
• Chop it up. 
(Translated to our writerly minds, this would be: Instead of saying “I’ll write 36 stories this year,” say "three stories a month.”)
• Conserve your willpower. 
Every time you have to use your willpower, you’ll have less to resist other temptations. In other words, willpower is finite. Use it wisely and sparingly. (I do force my willpower to bend to my needs. It sometimes works but leaves me drained, too.) 

So there! Best wishes with your New Year’s resolutions and other promises you make to yourselves.
May all our successes and also failures prove to be the best things we do for ourselves! 

From Joy's Everyday Canvas.

I even started my own Thankful Thursday book, so every Thankful Thursday, I'll be linking to that book as well (and excerpting from it): Jessica's Book of Gratitude 2015. An excerpt: Happy New Year! Today starts a new book of my life and I'm glad about that. Although today starts a new book of my life, I have things to be thankful for on this first day of 2015.  I am much healthier now than four years ago and my thyroid is finally back under control. I am thankful for my health and I can't wait on improving my health even more in 2015!

I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe New Years Eve! I stayed at home with my parents and watched the Twilight Zone. It was a pretty laid back night. I want to share some pictures with you.

I made vanilla iced coffee too keep me up.

Yeah, I like Jack and coke.

I made a Jager bomb with 7Up instead of Red Bull. It's not as sweet, but it was good!

Happy 2015! I can't believe how long my hair is getting!


  1. I think you are very positive as is!

    1. I try, Susie! Some days I fail though and a lot of times others' moods rub off on me.