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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Haiku Nation 2011 - 4 Years Later

Haiku Nation 2011

Last night I was going through old entries and I found a blog entry from January 4, 2011 that was highlighting a site I was using for writing haiku all year for 2011. Of course, I only made it halfway through January and stopped updating. I was erratic with writing haiku, but I did write poetry that year - just not for that site.

Why should I care? This site is a good example of New Years Resolutions being broken probably because the goal was unattainable. At that time, I was a college student and I worked (as I still work) in the library. That was the year I was employed by my 2nd job: Software Application Training, traveled to Green Bay, WI to see my first Packers game, self-published a book and switched from a history major to an English writing major. Although I did do a lot in 2011, I like to look at this site as an example of too ambitious goals to accomplish in a year or something that should have carefully been planned. Then again, I was 21 and young. I am still young, but four years older and have learned that some things take longer - you need patience and planning. Goals are best when you have short term goals and long term goals; the short term goals are the morale booster. I also learned that some things can't be accomplished in a year.

But, I like looking at these few haiku and seeing what was on my mind as a 21 year old. Here are a few of my favorites:
Furious winds chill
bright sun shines through winter's ice
two hours to Packers.

Clay Matthews blonde hair bobs
awesome muscles accentuates his moves;
Yes! Yes! Block Vick and Eagles' offense! Hurray! Victory: 21-16!

She was born into tragedy on September 11, 2001
she only wanted to learn about our government and why terrorists hated it so,
she died in tragedy with a terrorist attack nine years later -- we all mourn continuously.

I was going to say I wasn't sure if I'd be doing this again, but I already am. However, it's gratitude posts on for Thankful Thursday. Every Thursday for the year of 2015 I will be writing about what I'm thankful for. For other writing projects, I will write and some I will post on I like to write everyday, even if only for 10 minutes.


  1. Yes, I try to write a little bit each day, too. Nearly four years on, I've yet to miss a day on my blog!

    1. I don't always post to my blog, but I try to write something. Some things are just a bit too personal and since I send this blog to employers...