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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Amtrak Writing

Today while I was at work at the library, I was checking in a book about Amtrak. The book was about the history of the rail line, the itineraries and everything anyone wanted to know about Amtrak. I was looking at the different routes and reminiscing my trips to Baltimore and Detroit. I don't like flying, though I took a flight to Wisconsin. Baltimore was my first trip on Amtrak and I loved it - I will be taking Amtrak on all of my other trips. Anyway, I was reminiscing taking the Capitol Limited to Baltimore in August 2013, then taking the Pennsylvanian, the Ohioan and a bus 9 months later in May 2014 to get to Detroit. John saw me looking at the book and laughed when he said, "Anything interesting?" I said, "Just reminiscing my trips using Amtrak. I love Amtrak."

"Oh? How long does it take? I've been planning a week trip to Seattle. I know flying would be expensive and same with driving. How much would it cost?" I replied, "Well, when I went to Baltimore it took an hour and was $35. Detroit was 19 hours and $95, then $100 to come back home. I remember someone saying to me on the Detroit trip that they were going to the West Coast and it takes about a day, day and a half. My guess is it would be around $250, but you'll have to look. It's definitely a lot cheaper than flying, though it takes longer." He was saying it would take about 4 days driving to get to Seattle from here in Pennsylvania, plus whatever tolls and gas would cost. I then added, "Plus, you meet really cool people on Amtrak!" since he mentioned he'd bring a lot of entertainment. He laughed and said, "I'll just play games and keep to myself."

I didn't meet too many people going to Baltimore on Amtrak, but I did meet some nice people in Penn Station in Baltimore. They were cool to talk to. However, I met a lot of nice people on my way to Detroit. From chatting with the girl sitting next to me going to Pittsburgh, then someone sitting next to me from Pittsburgh to his stop in Sandusky, OH- we chatted for an hour or two. I chatted instead of sleeping. Then the people I met on the way to Detroit. I'm thinking about writing stories about my trips on Amtrak. What do you think?

Although this isn't Amtrak, I loved my visit to the B & O Railroad Museum in Baltimore from August 2013. I just love taking trains.

Sitting on Amtrak in Philadelphia, going to Pittsburgh in May 2014.

Waiting in Pittsburgh to board my train to Toledo, OH in May 2014.

Leaving Toledo, OH on an Amtrak bus to go to Detroit. May 2014.


  1. I took Amtrak from Chicago to Flagstaff in the 1990s. The train was stuck in a blizzard for 12 hours. Three small whiny children were behind me. They were awful. But the food was wonderful. I had no idea train food was so good.

    1. Yeah, Amtrak has AWESOME food. I visited the cafe cart a lot... especially for some mixed drinks on the way to Detroit. :D

      Can't say I've ever experienced Amtrak with kids, but then again I brought my iPod and when I went to Detroit, I brought my laptop too.

  2. I think it would be fun to ride on Amtrak; I'm sure you can see quite a lot of landscape while riding. :)

    1. Definitely! I've seen many beautiful scenes while riding. I prefer it over flying.