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Friday, January 30, 2015

Academy of Natural Sciences's Half Female/ Half Male Butterfly and Other Things

Yesterday as I mentioned in my Thankful Thursday post, I went to the Academy of Natural Sciences. Three weeks ago I became a member for the year, which means I can get into the museum for free, get discounts on Mega Bad Movie Night and other special events, and 10% off in the gift shop. Two weeks ago, the Academy's blog posted about a gynandromorph, or half female/half male, butterfly that was hatched to the Butterflies! exhibit. You can view the article here. Sadly, the butterfly wasn't alive because they wanted to preserve it; the butterfly was still gorgeous and stunning, though! If you live in the Philadelphia area or planning to go to Philadelphia, check out the male/female butterfly while the butterfly is still on display until February 16.

After going to the Butterflies! exhibit, then seeing the male/female butterfly, I went to see the Science Live! show. I love these shows because they bring out the animals the Academy houses. Yesterday, a snake was shown and then a red tailed hawk. The snake was born with a disfigurement - it was missing scales by his mouth and as a baby, he couldn't eat. The breeder gave it to the Academy, the Academy had to force feed it and as he grew, he eats on his own. However, he can never be released back into the wild.

The red tail hawk is blind in one eye. The red tail hawk was breathtakingly handsome. He was hard to snap pictures of with my point and shoot because he was constantly moving. I managed to get a few on that camera, but most of the far away shots are coming from my cell phone.

I went to Cappricio's for lunch. I just love that place. I had a chicken salad sandwich and an iced tea. After I exited, I went to Starbucks across the street because it was less crowded. I wanted to call the Faygo distributor to see where I can get it in Pennsylvania. She told me of one location in Philadelphia and one in King of Prussia. Read yesterday's post about that story from yesterday. Needless to say, I wasn't going to 52nd and Jefferson Streets since I'm not familiar with that area. That's how I ended up on 2nd and Market Streets to see if any of the convenience stores there had Faygo. Nope. I ended up at Sto's Bar and had two Fluff & Stuff drinks. I think the female bartender said it was rum, schnapps and cranberry juice. It was so good. I want to go back some other time to try their meals.

I then went back to the Academy; most of the school groups left and it felt like I had the place to myself. It was empty at 2:30. Since the John J. Audubon page turning isn't until 3:15 at their library, I went to Outside In and saw the animals they have there. Just so awesome. I then went to the page turning and learned some more things about Audubon. Afterwards, I chatted with the librarian for a bit. It was just a nice day out.

Norwegian rat!

I love this one - this gecko was so curious with her reflection. She just kept staring intently in the glass at her reflection. 


  1. Oh my gosh this looks like such a great time! I love the tortoise!!

    1. It's amazing! :) I'm glad there is something like this in the city. Every season they have something called Mega Bad Movie Night. It's for adults only - watch a B rated movie, people critique it during the movie (like Science Mystery Theatre 3000) and before the movie, we can see the animals. Great times! Bug Fest is great too.