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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Thankful Thursday 12/4/2014

Ah, tomorrow marks a year since something that changed my life forever happened. For the month of December, I want to write about how I've grown as a person in 2014 to show my gratitude for this year. Ironically, Christmas falls on a Thursday, so I will conclude 2014 gratitude on Christmas Day and on Wednesday, December 31st (New Year's Eve), I will post an entry about 2014 in general. Enjoy, y'all!

As y'all know, I tried to relocate to Roseville, Michigan this year. It's hard to believe that on December 9 it'll be a year since I saw the job ad for the Detroit Tigers job on Facebook that prompted me to try moving to Detroit. I guess being over-confident in my abilities with social media, writing and photography, I thought I would be a shoe-in for the job. However, hearing from jobs can take a while and when I hadn't heard from them into January, I knew I should look at something else too. I quickly learned Craig's List was not the place to go for jobs, at least if you're trying to relocate and don't really know the area that well, because well - if you don't know the business or the area it's in... it might not be the best situation. I think I did send my relocation resume to one person, but never heard back. That was the M.O. with most Detroit jobs: I never heard back, probably because I wasn't a local and I didn't make it through the systems that use Taleo with my zip code.

I did hear off and on from a few jobs. One was a MLM company and I learned quickly how a phone interview should be set up. The MLM company kept the interview really short and just how it was handled was unprofessional - the questions asked and the way it ended. One other called, but I wasn't a match. I was so happy when Quicken called. I think my downfall with not getting that job was saying I was working on a book about Wisconsin on my resume, then when she asked, I said I hadn't worked on it in a while. Oops. :\ Who knows if that was the nail in the coffin, but if I list books again on my resume... don't say that! When I wasn't offered that position, a tea place did call me... but I just wasn't sure if I could live on a tea place. I think the owner was surprised I hadn't moved yet, but I think I would have been hired. Although it would have been awesome to work at the tea place, I knew I couldn't move on that and I just wasn't sure about Detroit's job outlook for once I got there.

I am now a subscriber to Time magazine again and the other week Time had an article about Detroit. They are out of bankruptcy now and working to get back on track. Apparently they're trying to entice young people, around my age, to move there. The people that do move there usually live Downtown, which is VERY expensive, and they're entrepreneurs, so a lot of them create their own businesses. Others manage to find something like Quicken or a corporation/non-profit. After reading that article, I guess I couldn't really afford to move. Even if I could afford the moving costs and the rent for a few months, it's always good to have something set aside just in case or if something bad happens. I didn't have that. Most young people want to stick to Downtown or Midtown, which they are nice areas, but those areas can be just as expensive as King of Prussia. I liked Roseville, but the only apartment that would give me the time of day was meh. I feel bad that I didn't call the landlord back after she called many times, but I was still deciding. Although it didn't happen this year, I know what I need for the future when I try other places and it made me more of a pro for relocation resumes and phone interviews for the next time. AND, I finally did get to go to Michigan. I'd love to go back to see a Tigers game, see Canada and do other things I didn't have time for the last time I was there. I'm grateful for these experiences. 


  1. What about Ann Arbor? It's close to Detroit, it's a college town, and it has the best deli, Zingermans. Of course you can't afford to eat there often, but maybe you could work there! ;)

    1. I think I crossed Ann Arbor off of my list because it was very expensive and when I was looking at jobs there, they wanted people to have an advanced degree or at least the jobs I was looking at, library and writing, they wanted someone with an advanced degree.

      I'd like to avoid college towns, lol. I won't even look at Madison, WI. I hear Madison is very expensive too. Of course Green Bay, but I've been thinking of Appleton and Kenosha or the suburbs of Milwaukee. I've been thinking of visiting Chicago too - I have a lot of friends there - but, I'm not sure yet. I want to get situated with a job here first, save and gain experience, then see what I can do. I love the Midwest and the South - if it came down to those two regions, I'd be happy.

  2. Huh. I hadn't heard that Detroit is now out of bankruptcy. I do wish the city the best; it's been through hard times for too long.

    1. They signed papers to start the process of getting them out of bankruptcy.