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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Thankful Thursday 12/11/2014

I'm thankful I found a second job, especially a second job that is work from home and flexible so I can keep the library job. I think it'll be good experience and it'll teach me not to take things personally, especially if some people are rude to me on the phone. Saturday I will be sending an e-mail (from with a yearly update (I will also post more on my blog towards the end of the year).

I'm also glad that I found the Camera Shop in Bryn Mawr this year. I discovered it in July when looking for a place that still developed film. I used dad's Olympus film SLR camera to take pictures for my birthday and I was amazed that not many people process film after the pictures are taken. Most places only process film after it has gone through the process of making the film not light sensitive (I forget what it's called... but before the first chemical when doing film yourself, you can't expose film to light because it ruins pictures... it's only after the rinsing solution that makes it okay for light and to make the picture show up)... so I guess either you have to have a lab at home or they are old pictures and the person saved the film. The Camera Shop (and a few other places across the US) still does the beginning of the process to the end. It's a bit pricy, but I'm sure having your own lab is pricy too (especially when it comes time to dumping the chemicals... mom had to do that at her job when they still had an office and she said it costs a lot to dispose of chemicals). The staff is also friendly and very helpful.

After training today I went there to develop film from the disposable camera I took to the Twiztid concert and then a Halloween party from October. I can't wait to get the pictures in a week. I'm thankful there are still camera places and camera places that develop film - Jessica loves film. :) I also love that the shop sells everything related to photography - it's a really nice place with really nice people that are very helpful. Oh! I forgot to tell them that the disposable camera is black and white film. It was wrapped in a black and white picture and I think the carton says it, but is it bad that I didn't tell them it was B&W film? I can't wait to see how the pictures turn out (I had them place the photos on a prints, just a CD). I'm glad I found the Camera Shop this year and can't wait to use film more in the future.


  1. If memory serves, the photos will lack contrast...

    1. I think you're right. I know I ruined a few pre-processed pictures by exposing them to light... but I know there was one instance where I put too much chemical in during one process and it came out weird. I'd love to have my own dark room, but mom said getting rid of chemicals is an expensive nightmare. :(

  2. It's impressive that you even found a camera shop; most have closed down. :(