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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Meet the Artist: Reminiscent

I met Justin, or Reminiscent, at the Twiztid show I went to back in October. Before the show, we were talking and he mentioned that he makes music. Interested, he let me listen and when someone let him borrow the 808 speaker that can hook up to an iPod or smart phone, he let everyone standing in line waiting for the meet and greet take a listen. We exchanged Instagram accounts and I've been listening to Reminiscent's music ever since. I really like his style because it reminds me of some of my favorite electronic musicians.

I asked Justin how he first became involved with the music scene and he answered, "I started three years ago, and just the sound of music got me started. I began just listening to music closely, hearing the different sounds; and it just had me wanna try it out." Like almost every musician, his love for music and creating his own sound got him started and it got him started with much success. Whenever we chat, there is excitement in his voice about his music and projects - an attitude that can get others interested and excited, which is needed.

I like Reminiscent because it's eclectic and unique. It almost reminds me of Deadmau5, but I think he sounds fresher than Deadmau5. I also like how there are different moods to the songs - some make me really energetic and I like to listen to those as I write (once I figure out how to get my iPod updated, I would use those songs for exercising too). Others are really ambient and I like to listen to those to chill out.

Reminiscent MP3s are available for free download on Reverbnation. Check him out because you won't be disappointed. Here are a few songs I like by Reminiscent:

Perfect Love
Magic Love
Welcome to Hell

Enjoy and happy listening! :)

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