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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Meanings of the Holidays

My friend Pam posted this to Instagram this morning and I agree with the Grinch's sentiment. I'm a fan of Dr. Seuss's How The Grinch Stole Christmas and the original movie. I truly do believe that Christmas and Hanukkah are more than just gifts. I think the true spirit of the holidays whether you're Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindi, Wiccan or whatever, is love and togetherness. I don't think the true spirit of holidays are bought, but they are felt in whatever special way you experience them. I think we all forget about that and the Grinch is a great lesson.

Last night I watched A Charlie Brown Christmas, another favorite of mine. Like the Grinch, there is another important lesson about the holidays. The holidays aren't about capitalism, but togetherness and being thankful for what we do have. That's symbolic of Charlie Brown's measly tree and after Charlie Brown thinks he kills the tree (the true meaning of the holidays) and walks away crying, that people come together and reflect the true meanings.

We also decorated the tree on Sunday; although mom decorated most of it, it's still my favorite time of year:

I love this one of me.

Me in 1999 when I was in fourth grade. I had such a baby face - other than that, my face still looks the same (except 15 years older)!

My Packers ornament and dad's Ravens ornament.