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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Holiday Depression

Depression is common during the holidays since most people associate the holidays spending time with loved ones. When the loved one or loved ones die, a sense of grief sets in for the holidays since the living person can't celebrate with the dead loved one anymore. Often the memories, although they are happy memories from the past, bring on some longing. More suicides occur during the holidays.

Even if the loved one didn't die around Christmas or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa or Yule, you still feel bad when these times come. I always assumed people feel more if they lose their loved ones around the holidays, but that's not necessarily true. But, how does one find some cheer during the holiday season? On the grief forum of City-Data, one member said it best:

Well folks, this time of year is difficult on us all, I lost my pops in 1985 the day after New Years, I was strong in the beginning but after a few months it hit me, the good times, the memories of my Dad always being there for us and my moms. The family and friends, the good teachings, the leadership and so on..

A friend of my Fathers said it best to me back when my Fathers friend was still alive, he said, Johnny, we will always miss them, but NEVER lose them. The memories and good times you have are truly a blessing and the blessings you have is what's keep you going. There is plenty of people who will never know that nor the memories, live your life the way your father raised you and make him proud in spirit. One day when your older, you'll look up and say, that's for you pop and you'll know, he heard you. Amazing, how all true it is. I wish you all well, blessings of peace and joy and always remember..

We miss them but never lose them, for our loved ones will always be with us in our hearts, spirit and minds.

Thank you
Merry Christmas

As I love reading and literature, this response reminds me of what Kathy Dollanger from Flowers In the Attic said, "People don't really die. They just go to heaven to wait a while for their loved ones to join them" or something to that affect. People might be gone physically, but they live on within you forever. The loved one wouldn't want to see you miserable and they would want to see you living. Carry on with traditions and set some new traditions. Being sad is normal, but don't let it consume you. If you have close family and friends, spend time with them as well.


  1. "Being sad is normal, but don't let it consume you."

    I agree 100% with that statement.

    1. Me too. I should remember that for depression in general.