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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Eve 2014

Last night Aunt Kathy held Christmas Eve. Mom, dad and I arrived at Aunt Kathy's house at 3:30 and we were greeted by the girls (their dogs: Daphne and Sandy). I came with the gifts I had for people and the New Orleans Bread Pudding I made for dessert. I helped Kaitlyn make one of her vegan dishes, then we just sat around and talked.

It was a nice evening of catching up with Doug and his girlfriend, Brit, my little cousin Jason and his girlfriend, Lilly, and the rest of mom's family. Dinner was delicious - ham, pineapple stuffing, and a bunch of yummy other things. Everyone also loved my New Orleans Bread Pudding. There were also vegan desserts and other desserts. Aunt Kathy makes the best egg nog. I had mine with some rum.

Everyone loved their gifts. I gave Kaitlyn the scrapbook of Greece I made her, plus the pictures and a sock monkey picture frame for the prints. She loved it - I wish I got a picture of it. Aunt Kathy and Aunt Peg loved their gifts. I gave Jason a Pantera shirt I only wore once - I bought it before I gained weight in 2009 and it still didn't quite fit (I'll buy myself another Pantera shirt) and then I gave him a Corrosion of Conformity CD I never opened (I'll just get my favorite songs on iTune):
Elf and the chocolate for my other cousin.

My gifts given to me from my relatives.

Later Wesley and I exchanged gifts. Wesley loved what I gave him and I loved his gift to me. It was so much fun opening up gifts with Wesley Bear. I loved spending time with him. I loved spending time with family too.

Christmas so far has been great. I will post an update later if I'm not too tired! Merry Christmas!


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    1. Thank you! I love Aunt Kathy's and the tree we had. We took our tree down yesterday - it was beginning to lose all of its needles!