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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Charities To Give To For the Holidays

Hi everyone,

I figured since the other day I posted about gifts you can get or make your loved ones that I should make a list of charities you can donate to for the holiday season. Of course, it's nice to donate to these charities year round (if applicable), but we should really be thoughtful of these charities during the holiday season. I'm going to post the top three close to my heart, then others that are nationwide and are good causes.

Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary

This is a non-profit organization located in North Carolina. When I was still a member of Facebook, I found them one day while browsing through cat pictures. I was amazed by their charity of rescuing and caring for blind cats, which most have feline lukemia. They do have a blog: Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary Blog, where you can read more about their cause.

You can donate to BCR in a few different ways. The non-profit organization does have a wish list on Amazon, which can be found here. Fulfilling a few things on the wish list is very helpful for everyone involved with the BCR and the cats as well. Each week Alana Miller, head of BCR, holds box opening ceremonies for the cats and sends gratitude to everyone who was nice to donate.

You can also make a monetary donation. In March, I donated $10 to BCR after their cat Riley died of a health complication. I will be donating a little bit for Christmas. If you'd care to donate to Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary, please send a check to:

Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary
3101 E. Great Marsh Church Rd.
St. Pauls, NC 28384

Help Iraq of Southfield, MI

A month ago I made a post on City-Data about charities specific to Detroit. I wanted to donate something to the less fortunate folks of the city and I figured the C-D message forum was helpful when I tried relocating that they'd be helpful about charities.

Someone posted that the Chaldean Church is holding a fundraiser. The Chaldeans are Arab Christians and there are several families in Detroit and the Metro Area that have fled from ISIS. As an Arabic speaker and saddened by the events in the Middle East, I decided to check it out (I will be donating closer to Christmas). Here is the story that Niraj Warikoo wrote for the Detroit Free Press: Escape From ISIS: Iraqi Families Start Over in Warren. The Chaldean Church website can be found here.

Lil Bub

I love Lil Bub and I love the fact that when you buy something from her shop on her website, a bit of what you pay goes towards animal charities for animals with special needs (like Lil Bub herself). Lil Bub's birthday is in June and usually in June she has a big fundraiser for the ASPCA for animals that are usually euthanized because they were born with deformities; as well as other charities dealing with animals with deformities. Throughout the year, Lil Bub's store donates to those causes. You can view Lil Bub's BUB Store and Twitter.

Literacy Charities

Because the gift of reading is important, here are a few really awesome literacy charities I found:

Literacy For Incarcerated Teens (LIT), which is a non-profit group that helps end illiteracy among New York teens incarcerated in prisons.

First Book, which is an organization that donates books to children in need.

Literacy, Inc., which is a non-profit organization that helps end illiteracy among high school students nationwide.

Nationwide Charities

ASPCA , which believes  "that animals are entitled to kind and respectful treatment at the hands of humans, and must be protected under the law. Learn more about our history, mission, and what we do to help animals nationwide."

Humane Society, America's largest and most effective animal protection organization.

Toys For Tots, which donates toys to children in need.

Salvation Army


Purple Heart

American Cancer Society

Of course, there are many local charities. While you're out and about picking up things for your loved ones, keep an eye out for donation boxes or check township buildings or courthouses for other local donations. Please remember the less fortunate this holiday; even if you can only donate gently used items, those items mean the world to someone who has nothing!

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