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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

All I Want...

For the past month I have been blogging about gift ideas for readers to use for everyone on their shopping list. By now most of y'all have probably finished and I'm almost there myself (waiting for dad's DVDs to be shipped to Walmart... hopefully tomorrow!). I really liked Kiersten's  blog entry for today and for those of y'all who are still unsure of what to get for someone or even what to put on your personal list, here is a list of things I've been adding to my list over the past month.

Detroit Tigers Game
A ticket to see a Detroit Tigers game at Comerica Park in Detroit. I'd love to see a Tigers game and I would love to see a Tigers game. Sadly, when I visited Detroit last year - Tigers were playing a game away. :( I want to see the stadium too and meet Paws. I love Paws and I would give him a big hug. 

Scrapbook Supplies
I've been scrapbooking a lot lately and have been running low on my scrapbook supplies. I find scrapbooking to be therapeutic. Stickers, paper, other odds and ends. 

Jeans and Pants
I've lost a lot of weight and my jeans/pants are way too big for me now. I wear a size 14 now and they're baggy. I might be a 12, but with jeans and pants, I need to try things on before I buy.

Dresses and Skirts
Okay, I love wearing dresses and skirts. That's the one girly thing about me. From baby doll dresses to business casual. For skirts, I love everything from punk skirts to business casual. 

Case of Faygo
I love that soft drink. :) It's so good. If someone got me a case of Faygo for Christmas, they would literally be my best friend.

Cute Odds and Ends
I started this wish list when I was trying to move. Although I won't be moving until I get another job that will help me save and let me proceed from there, I still add to it. Why not? I'll need it someday and there are a lot of nice things like this , this or even this.

Dammit Doll
I love these dolls! :) I first saw these dolls in a Hallmark in Roseville, MI... then they were everywhere in Memphis, TN too!

Twiztid Jersey
I ended up buying one for myself as a gift for myself. I can't wait to get it. :)


  1. Ha! Finished? I wait until the last minute.

    1. Dad's DVDs came into tonight! I have to get them tomorrow. Just need to finish a scrapbook.

      But seriously, if someone bought me a case of Faygo, I'd be happy. I love that stuff and I can't get it around here.

  2. Yes, I think my grandparents finished Christmas shopping ages ago. All we're doing now is putting up decorations and preparing for other relatives to arrives.

    1. Finishing the scrapbook today, then picking up Mimi's gift and then I'm done. I'm sorta anticipating to see what I get. :X