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Thursday, November 27, 2014

What I'm Thankful For

A White Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving Eve, snow coats once per decade,
with thunder so loud it shakes the house!
      As gloomy clouds begin to drift and fade—
Thanksgiving Eve, snow coats once per decade;
Bourbon yams, and cookies homemade,
    With loved ones and laughter—the sadness dowsed.
Thanksgiving Eve, snow coats once per decade—

    Since when did thunder snow shake the house?

This year I have a lot to be thankful for: of course, my family, having a roof over my head and food on the table. But I have other things to be thankful for:

My job - I am glad I still have the library. I'm also thankful for my co-workers because they make going to work even more enjoyable. The patrons as well. I've been working at the library since 17 and it's amazing the people you see over the years. The picture above is from the day before my birthday (July 3, 2014) when my co-workers bought me a cake to celebrate. They also celebrated my graduation last December and gave me an Amazon gift card. It was sweet and made me so happy. I'm thankful for that.

I know I complain about King of Prussia a lot. It isn't my favorite place, but until I save enough money and gain enough job experience to move, I am here and lately I've been trying to look on the bright side of things. I have a few acquaintances here and whenever I see those acquaintances, they're really friendly. One girl I was friends with in high school works in Starbucks and whenever she sees me ordering things, we talk for a good ten minutes. Since I'm waiting to get my tooth capped (January!), I've been eating a lot of soft foods and cutting the foods up. One October day I was at the mall to pick up a disposable camera for the Twiztid concert and stopped in Starbucks for lunch. It wasn't busy and she saw me looking. I told her what was up and she said, "I have the thing for you!" It was a delicious sausage croissant sandwich without egg and minimal cheese. There are still some good people here.

I'm also thankful for my neighbors: the Browns. They're so sweet and welcoming. Mrs. Brown never forgets my birthday and she was so proud of me when I graduated. We're always invited to their parties and I visit often (which, I have to visit soon). The Browns and the Beebes are the only neighbors we really talk to. I am thankful for the Beebes as well - Ben used to take me to college when he was a student there as well and I love visiting their cats and dog.

Mike, his girlfriend and me at my graduation party- December 15, 2013

Grady, Mike and me at their Super Bowl party in 2013. Yes, they're big 49ers fans.

Mr. and Mrs. Brown at their 25th Wedding anniversary in 2013... Grady photobombed the picture.

Twiztid! I'm still glowing about meeting them in October. They were just so nice and gracious... it meant the world to me when they said they read my Twitter and acknowledged my cooking (I will be sending them Christmas cookies). They also really loved what I gave them and just their hugs. It was an amazing experience and I'm thankful for that experience. I'm thankful for Jamie and Paul. I'm also thankful for some of the awesome people I met and kept in touch with from the show:

Caskey! Like Twiztid, he's cool and kind too. I haven't met him yet, but I'd like to. I really love his CD. :)

Mimi! I love my little sneezy girl. I love when she cuddles up to me on the bed, even if it's 70 degrees or hot (like she did the other night, which I'll post the pictures). I also love when she senses we're in a sour mood and she just lays next to us to cheer us up. I'm thankful for all the animals that have lived with us over the years.

Olivia and nan in 2009. :)

Olivia hanging out next to Joyce in 2009.

Woo! These were taken in 2005. He sadly died in November 2007 after having him for 19 years.

Nan's Woo! He sadly died in December 2005 after 18 years. He was a sweet kitty.


In Heidleberg in 2007.

Rainbow over some river in Switzerland. 2007.

Attempting to do the Lambeau Leap...

Yeah, I went to the dental museum in Baltimore. It was awesome. 

Trips I've taken over the years from Green Bay, WI to Detroit, MI to Germany. I'm really thankful for the chance to see Detroit and Roseville this year. I really enjoyed my trip and I'd go back to see a Tigers game and to see other sites I didn't see while there (I'd like to go to Canada). Even though moving to Roseville didn't work out, I'm thankful for the insight that failure... maybe failure isn't the right word because even though it hasn't happened YET, doesn't mean it won't... it just gave me the ambition I need to make moving forward (in general) happen. I'm thankful for the experience. I'm also thankful for the Memphis, TN trip mom and I took this past September. I really loved Beale Street and am thankful for those experiences too.

Detroit Zoo!

Michigan has black squirrels! 

An awesome duck at the Detroit Zoo.

First time having Faygo and it was amazing. :)


Moments like last night. I stayed with Aunt Kathy, Uncle Dave and Matthew last night because this morning they left to spend Thanksgiving with Uncle Dave's family in Virginia. I will be watching the dogs this weekend. Aunt Kathy wanted me to come up last night so I could care for the dogs when they left really early. We ended up making Emeril Lagasse's Rhona's Kickin' Sweet Potatoes since the casserole Aunt Kathy made at first wasn't enough for the family. It was still snowing at 8:30 last night, be we trekked to the liquor store to get bourbon. It was fun looking at all the different liquors and learning about them. I love Jack Daniels. I was glad to hear that was a bourbon because I'll be making my bourbon bread pudding for Christmas again. After the liquor store, we went to Wegmans to get the other ingredients. We were cooking until a little before midnight last night and it was just so much fun. The laughing, the scents and everything else. Matthew came home around midnight (he's home this week from his first semester of college, he was out with friends) and we were talking until 12:30. It was nice.

Daphne loves the snow. :) I'm thankful for her and Sandy as well.

I'm also thankful for my friends:

@troopsthephatone: I love this cat. He's the best friend ever. :) He always knows how to cheer me up.

@hiphop_lette: Thanks for being an awesome friend, Julie. :)




Lyn in general

(2001 - when we were in 6th grade)

(2009) @diaryofjoyce
Joyce and I have been friends since fifth grade and I'm thankful to call her a friend. :) Same with +Barb Bayer 

Liz! Though we've had our ups and downs, I'm thankful for her. Like Joyce, she's been a friend since fifth grade (this picture was taken in 2008). She's in Alaska now and she just got engaged. YAY! Congrats, Liz!

Marsha! We met each other on SEPTA going to school in 2009. She's been a great friend since then - great listener and always knows how to put a smile on my face. She's an amazing and strong person.

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving! :)

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  1. A fully comprehensive and well-made Thanksgiving post. Well done. :)

    1. Thanks, Andrew. I feel like I have a lot to be thankful for again.