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Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Secret Life of Bloggers: Meeting Twiztid, Hallowicked, Fall Colour (October 2014)

Hi everyone!

Wow, what a month it has been! So much has happened this month and I would love to share it with you:

·         Met Twiztid and went to my first Twiztid show.
·         Had an interview with the German Society of Pennsylvania and feels confident.
·         Dad’s birthday and Halloween!
·         Prepped for NaNoWriMo and is prepared for NaNoWriMo 2014! Bad Directions 

October 1

Crocodile Catering – I always love the way their vans are painted!

Leaves are really starting to turn!

More of the Swan plants are bursting open! We collected a bunch of seeds so we can plant these milkweed next year.

October 4

I made some delicious apple sauce. 

The night was chilly. Dad lit a fireplace and then I tuned into my favorite program: Off Beat Cinema! They were playing The Tingler. Such a great movie!

October 7

ª       Green Lane, PA (Blog) 

After we arrived back from Green Lane, dad and I went to get our flu shots. Fun!

October 10

Every season, the children’s department of the library hosts a workshop for toddlers and parents. I always help them out. October 10 was the last day until February. It’s always fun to help out. J

Went to Jazz Night at the Library. Stephen Wise and the Edge were awesome! J

October 14

This is the card I gave to Monoxide during the meet and greet. I think it was pretty cool looking. This is the card I gave to Jamie: 

October 17

Had my job interview at the German society today. They had me wait in the basement and that was so cool. The steins and beer cans and the flags, amazing. My dad has the steins near his personal bar and the downstairs reminded me of the Hofbrau houses in Germany. I hope I do get that job; I think the interview went well. I spoke most of the German well and I have the experiences they want… so hopefully! I really want that job. It’s only a few days a week (yes, I’ll still be at the library), but it would be great experience.

Have the CD and marker ready for Twiztid to sign!

Their cards and treat bags are ready! I hope they like them!

October 18

I met Twiztid! Jamie and Paul (Madrox and Monoxide) were just so nice! It was a 15-20 minute meet and greet and it feels like we’ve known each other forever. I’ve been a fan for 11 years, so maybe that’s why and it was a dream come true. They were just so down to Earth and sweet.  They both gave me two hugs – one from each for the treat bags, then after the picture. Monoxide thanked me for coming and I said it was my first Twiztid show… he told me to enjoy. I’m still on cloud 9!
©       Jessica Meets Her Heroes

I also met Whitney Peyton. She’s from around the Philadelphia area and she was really nice as well. Very down to Earth and gracious. I bought a shirt and she signed it for me. Whitney also thanked me for checking out her music and for coming to the show. Maybe I’ll get a shadow box for that as well. 

I met some cool people that night. I still keep in touch with Justin. J Just one of the best nights of my life. They also gave us a goody bag with the VIP:

October 20
The shirt I bought at the concert. I feel so proud of myself with the weight I’ve lost. I used to be an XL and now I’m down to a medium in most shirts (if the cut is smaller, a large). I love this shirt too; it’s so comfortable. The one I wore when I met Twiztid, that’s going in the shadow box with what they signed. That shirt has brought me luck over the years and I was hugged in it, so it’ll go in the box. The new shirt is comfortable too!

October 25

We went to pick up the cuckoo clock I brought home from Germany. We had it fixed at this clock repair place in Pottstown. Took three months, but we’re glad to have the clock back. I love the cat clock – I would love to have one!

Mom, dad and I went to a costume party at mom’s friend, Darlene’s house in Morgantown. My parents were M & Ms and I was Monoxide. Everyone loved my costume!

Me after the party.

After I took a shower. Some of the eye liner stayed on – wow! Eye liner really does bring out my eyes, eh?

Sunday, October 26

Dog sitting! Daphne, Sandy (not pictured) and I sitting outside at 7:30 am.

I thought this was cool. I said to mom in the middle of the super market: “This would make a good picture! It’s a shame when I had that photography class, an assignment wasn’t super market photography!” She laughed and said, “Yeah, you probably could have captured neat things.” The things I think of while grocery shopping! Maybe I should become a professor some day or teach photography...

Monday, October 27

Aunt Kathy and Uncle Dave are now home from their Europe trip. Aunt Kathy brought me back these pretty earrings from Ireland.

It’s been a warm day – warm days lasted until Wednesday. Roses are still out!

My double sided pumpkin – a Twiztid Grumpkin!

Tuesday, October 28

Beautiful sunrise!

I love my trinity cross earrings! They along with the infinite on my nose should bring me luck!

It’s funny, someone misshelved this Tool CD with the ICP CDs! I have that Tool CD (though copied) and the ICP album it was in front of, I have that album too. I thought it was funny.

I love Faygo! I wish there were more places around here to buy some. I should call the Faygo distributor and see where the closest store to King of Prussia is. I am seriously debating putting “two cases of Faygo” on my Christmas list. If someone bought me that, they’d be my best friend forever.

Candy Apple Faygo was so good!

Twiztid retweeted my pumpkin! This made me even happier!

I didn’t win this contest, but they sent me a booklet anyway. I’m going to read it and see what Nano Fiction looks for, then submit again. Even if non-contest submissions aren’t awarded prizes, if I get published in a non-contest round, I’d like having the publishing credit experience.

October 31 – Happy Hallowicked!

I woke up to Mimi laying next to Monoxide –she’s a girl after my own heart! However, when it came time to getting a picture, she moved and this picture captures her debating where to lay next on this poster. Funny. I tweeted it to Twiztid.

Love my Halloween shirt! I went to work with this today – Monoxide costume later.

Trees are almost done with the leaves! Pretty colour this year!

Halloween decorations!

Someone covered their mail box with this. I thought it was cute!

Mimi hated me for trying to put a mask on her. HAHA.

My favorite Halloween shirt (bought in September) before I wash it and put it away until next year.


  1. I tried to comment, but I don't think it took. Hmmmm. Just wanted to compliment you on a great October online scrapbook. Lively and entertaining!!! And Brava for getting to meet Twizid!!!! You have been working so hard looking for jobs and submitting your resume that I'm glad something thrilling like this happened for you. Best of luck on the German Society job; how could they not offer it to someone with your great background? Let me know what happens and Happy All Saints Day!!!

    1. Hi Dr. Ni,

      The guys were so gracious too! They read my Twitter and love the things I cook - they want me to send them some of the things I make. I literally was freaking out on the inside, haha. That had been a dream of mine since I was 14 to meet them. I sent them a few of the concert pictures I took and a lot of people liked them. :) I am seriously considering some day to combine both my writing and photography; maybe something freelance.

      Thank you! I really hope I get it. I answered most of the German correctly, but I couldn't answer what mom does - which I can't answer in English because she does everything! I answered the other things right and it seems I have the experience they want. They also asked me about German literature and culture (they do cultural nights and book discussions/moving discussions) and I think they were impressed with my knowledge. Ah, hoping!

      Happy All Saints Day to you as well!

  2. In the toy pictures for October 10, my brother used to own a toy cash register exactly like the one in your images.

    So cool that Twiztid re-tweeted your pumpkin! I like the pattern in the last image. :)

    1. I had that same cash register as well. In fact, until nan died... we still had my old kitchen playset in her basement. So funny seeing that. Some of the toys for that event bring back so many memories!

      I know! I was so happy when I was notified about that! Me too; I'm glad I found that shirt. :)