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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

My Thanksgiving was a peaceful one. Watched some football - Detroit beat DAAA Bears! As a Packers fan, I don't like either teams, but I was happy to see the Lions win. I'm hoping the Niners beat the Seahawks, but I'll find out tomorrow. Between the Ghost and bourbon sweet potatoes I made, I'm tired. Before dinner and after I did some cooking, I took a walk.

Bourbon Sweet Potatoes:

Ghost (drink):

It called for a shot of Jack Daniels and 2 shots of vanilla rum, then the Faygo creme soda. I didn't have vanilla rum and I read you can substitute vanilla vodka. I didn't want to make it strong so I put a half a shot of Jack and 1 shot of vanilla vodka with a quarter of the 24 oz. Faygo in. Not bad, but if I make it again... maybe just the Faygo and some vodka. I have to order a case of Faygo...

Now I'm dog sitting. Daphne and I are sitting in front of the electric fireplace and I'm about to head to bed.

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