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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Thankful Thursday 11/13/14

The weather has finally cooled down for now. As I posted last night, for the past few days, King of Prussia has been 20 degrees warmer than Memphis and Austin! We've been having weather like what those two cities should have and they have been having our weather for this time of year! However, I'm thankful we still have the chance to see that beauty. Mom cut one of the white roses last night and put it in a vase. It's now sitting in the kitchen and it smells heavenly. Although the rose shouldn't be here right now, it reminds me of life. I'm sure everyone experiences things that should have and should not have happened and yet, here we are: we survived or surviving despite the conditions. Like the rose, we can come out beautiful and bring something to the table that wasn't there before. I am thankful for that reminder and that we all have that opportunity to grow and come out on top despite certain conditions.

I am also thankful about the upcoming holidays. I can't wait to make cookies, I'm going to try making nan's bacala this year, I can't wait to make gifts and I just look forward to spending time with people this season. Last year the holidays were hard because it was the first holiday season without nan and that was sad for me. This year, I have the memories of previous holidays and although last year was less than perfect, I am thankful for it because it showed who my real friends were. I am also thankful for the memories of previous holidays.  Family traditions have shaped who I am and I can't wait to carry them on.

I am going to be submitting to The Narrative. I read some poetry and I want to see what their non-fiction looks like. I want to submit a poem and non-fiction piece. This is what I'm thinking to send in as a poem and I'm thinking of calling it "City Skyline". What do you think?

City Skyline

The city skyline,
                gray in the distance;
the city skyline
                twirls in the Schuylkill,
rippled by fury then calmness then fury in the rain.
The city skyline
                is so much different today
than when I met you a few months ago before a show—
the city skyline,
                warm, bright, welcoming; we were both excited,
the city skyline,
                turning cold later, but there was still vibrant energy.
I follow your lead, my black boots jumping
over black puddles, deep I think, along Thirtieth Street.
It’s cold, damp, and rainy;
I follow your voice, like the city skyline,
                trailing off with tall buildings and city traffic,
trying to keep up, my silent agreements swallowed in horns,
skid marks and never ending construction.
The city skyline hides my anxiety,
                I wish I could reach out to you,
I wish I could tell you about other city skylines:
                Detroit, Milwaukee, Baltimore, Chicago, Atlanta—
I wish I could tell you about the beauty of rivers and streams:
                Lake Michigan, the Chesapeake, the Rhine;
they don’t seem as gray as this skyline
or as black and possibly icy as the Schuylkill.
Yet most of all, I wish I could reach out
                and hold your hand, then a big hug
                and tell you how I feel;
how you make the days less rainy and cold—
instead I look at the formidable buildings and listen to you:
                but out of the corner of my eye, I saw the gold hands
                point to a little after two o’clock—it’s time to go—
the confusion of rain and the labyrinth of city landscapes,
we almost miss my bus home, you’re patient though
                in the rush and confusion, I make it, but with no goodbye.
The city skyline leaves my sight,
                gray disappearing along with a black river;
as the city skyline shrinks,
                unlike a month ago with pride in meeting my heroes
                and the feeling that it made up for the missed opportunities of 2014;
as the city skyline continues to shrink into the suburbs,

                missed opportunities grow bigger in the shadow.


  1. I like it but then again I'm biased in favor of skylines. :P

    Wow, it has been warm where you are!

    1. I submitted the poem last night for the contest. Fingers crossed! I'm nervous.

      Now it's finally cold! We had snow the other night. It's crazy weather here.