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Friday, November 21, 2014

Snapfish Pre-Thanksgiving Day Sale

As a Snapfish member, I receive many e-mails from them a week. I've been a member since 2010 and order all my pictures through this site. Their quality is great and they have great prices. Many retailers are having pre-Black Friday sales this week and Snapfish is following trend.

This weekend, you can create a calendar and order three of them for the price of one. It also comes with free gift wrap. I decided to create a few because three of them for $26.95 is a great opportunity.

They are also having a picture sale - 999 prints for $9.99 or penny prints. They also have other sales - if you're interested and a photographer, I would suggest joining Snapfish. You won't regret it and can order many reasonably priced gifts that are made by you.


  1. My brother wants to be a photographer. I wonder if he'd find it useful, assuming the site services people outside the US.

    1. I think they do service customers outside of the US! I think your brother would find it helpful; I know I have!