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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Shadow Boxes

This was my first time making the shadow box and I love it! If you have to display something from a shirt to a CD to a flag to whatever, I think this is the easiest way to go. However, the shadow box was 11 x 14 and I think it was too small for the shirt. Shadow boxes allow you to get creative while displaying physical memories that aren't pictures.

I wanted to display my signed Twiztid things and I knew the shadow box was the best way to go. Last Sunday, mom and I went to A.C. Moore because they have the best selection. I found this box on sale for $10. They can go as high as $75, but some sites have them for more.

Once you have the box, if the box has pins: remove the pins and just put your items in. In the case of shirts, pin the shirt in. Just display things how you want to display. Sadly, I didn't take video of me placing my items, but here are some pictures of the after:

Now, I'm sitting down to work on my Twiztid scrapbook. I can't wait to share it with you when I'm done! :)


  1. Your creative skills, especially for making artsy items such as this, are awesome. :)

    1. Thanks, Andrew. :) I would love to start a side business doing this type of thing. I'm actually going to plan it in 2015 me thinks!

    2. You certainly have the skills for it!

    3. It's just marketing! Maybe I'll create a page via Wesley's profile.