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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Property of Slim Shady

Today Susie posted Bruiser Girl and it reminded me of a middle school memory I have. Well, I have a lot of middle school memories, but there is one in particular that makes me giggle. When I was 12 years old, I had a HUGE crush on Eminem... actually, I think crush is a mild word because it was more like an obsession with Eminem. Looking back at my diary from back then, I chronicled how I'd marry Eminem some day and all would be happy (ah, gotta love 11 and 12 year olds).

The summer of 2001 was my last year of summer camp because 12 was the oldest you could attend. I remember there was this younger girl at camp - I'd say she was 3 years younger than me, so she was 9. Everyone between the ages of 8-12 and knew who Eminem was and since I was in a silly mood that summer, I said I was engaged to Eminem. She believed me. For the ring, I had a ruby ring my parents bought me one Christmas, so I wore it to camp a few times to show off my engagement ring. She fell for it the whole summer and I think I just played along with it until a few days before camp ended (I missed the final two days of camp since I had my first period). I came clean before camp ended and she was so mad, but she did laugh. Looking back, with the legality of that... yeah, if that was true... Eminem would have been in jail. But, young people don't know that... I guess that's how naive we were.

I used to have a shirt that said "PROPERTY OF SLIM SHADY" that my friend Anna from Tower City bought me for Christmas 2001 (along with Kittie's Spit... that was the first year I got into heavy metal music... so 2001 was when I started with heavy metal, 2002 with grunge and classic rock and 2003 with Twiztid and horrorcore). I wore that shirt so much; I wish I knew what happened to it. I did a Google search for the shirt and I couldn't find it at all - I guess the shirt was something a mom and pop store created and that's why I can't find it. The lettering was like this:

I might have to recreate it myself. It was a white shirt and the lettering was in red. :) Ah, that was such a funny time in my life.


  1. Isn't he a smartie? I just googled it. Supposedly he has an IQ of 140.

    1. Hmmm.. really? I might have to Google it! :D I should write about when I was obsessed with Madrox from Twiztid. Now it's about Monoxide.

  2. Heh, many years ago I wanted to marry Hilary Duff! :D

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