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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Poetry and Travel Experiences

I'm a traveler. I love to travel and explore new cultures. Whenever I travel, I bring a notebook, pen and camera. I love capturing the scenery via digital camera and taking notes of what I see on my adventures. My goal is to become a travel writer someday; I love travel creative non-fiction, but I also love writing travel poetry.

Last week I posted my scrapbooking tips and I love including poetry with my scrapbooks. It's wonderful to share the travel poetry and travel non-fiction with loved ones and people close to me, but I would love for my poetry and non-fiction to reach a wider audience.

I've been working on a book about my travels to Wisconsin in 2012. I've been travel writing since 2010 and my early works can be seen in In the Strawberry Patch (2010) and Adventures Through the Strawberry Patch (2011). However, self-published work doesn't always reach a wide audience. I'm going to try my hand in actually publishing Lambeau Leapin' Through Wisconsin once it's finished.

Although I haven't officially taken a class in travel writing, I have taught myself from other works I've read over the years. I love evoking nature imagery, such as:

The clouds ascend above Lambeau,
welcome to Green Bay!
Home of the infamous Packers;
my one and only-- enough delay!

Welcome to Green Bay,
sun sparkles off Lambeau's
red, white hot bricks--
I'm here in person, so close

the sparkles off of Lambeau
fill my eyes with tears--
a win against the Cardinals
with pride and love that spears.

My eyes are filled with tears
as Lake Michigan glistens
and ducks and geese eat from hand,
to the owls and inhabitants I listen.

Away from the glistening Lake Michigan,
in Curly's Pub, shots of victory taken
and pride that a dream has come true;
drink Jager slowly-- you're mistaken!

The clouds descend over Lambeau,
Goodbye Green Bay--
home of precious memories,
2012 don't you dare delay!

But, I also love showing lessons, which can be seen in Badgers and Swans and Owls, Oh My. However, it depends on the audience you're writing for. In the mean time, I will be looking through the Writer's Market and see if I can submit other travel pieces. A few of the magazines I'm looking for want more literal travel pieces instead of creative. For example a magazine might want something like this:

"Detroit, Michigan was founded in 1701 by French Explorers. As one of the most important trading posts in the Midwest at the time, Detroit grew to become Motor City in the 1930s and was prominent until the 1970s. Lately, through bankruptcy and trying to rebuild decaying homes and cityscapes, Detroit has been making a slow comeback. Businesses like Quicken Loans and family owned shops, help. Downtown is sprawling and the price is affordable."

Other magazines might want something more creative, like what I display in the Wisconsin piece. Before you submit, read the magazine to see what they look for. Questions to consider before writing and submitting: If you had to write a travel piece, where would you write about and what approach would you take to write the piece?

(I just received an e-mail and I'm going to try my hand at Narrative Magazine | Fall 2014 Contest.)

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