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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

November White Rose

November White Rose

The white rose peaks out of the dirt -
despite November, once per century, no snow -
buds awake to the sun, golden leaves skirt,
the white rose peaks out of the dirt;
heavenly scent washes away the hurt,
reaching towards the sky, birds Southward go.
The white rose peaks out of the dirt -
despite November, once per century, no snow.

In Pennsylvania, it's been unseasonably warm. For the past few days, King of Prussia has been warmer than Memphis, TN and Austin, TX! Today the temperature reached 61 degrees and in Memphis, it was 35 degrees. It should be the opposite. I don't like unseasonable weather because I look at the flowers that are blooming and all the other plant life and think this is not normal. I really do wonder about global warming, but it makes me sad that once we get our first frost (we haven't had a frost yet), the plants will shrivel up. It is supposed to drop temperature wise in Pennsylvania tonight and we should be more seasonable this weekend. I can't wait for it to be autumn, although I will miss the roses.

Before I end this entry for tonight, I am going to post one page of my scrapbook so far. I will post more of my album either tomorrow or Friday. What do you think of this page? Does it look fine as is or should I add some more? Thanks!


  1. Replies
    1. I want snow! It's 41 degrees here now... high of 47 today (temperature drop of almost 20 degrees). I think this weekend it's supposed to be cold; the roses will die. :(

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you. :)

      We had to get rid of it yesterday; it wilted. :(