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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Christmas 2014 Ideas

My Twiztid photos still haven't come in yet, but I'm hoping tomorrow! I ordered them last Saturday. Once they come in, I'll be ordering some pictures for Christmas. On Sunday, I bought a magazine at Wegman's called Capper's Farmers and they had some great ideas for gifts!

I try to make Christmas gifts each year. Aunt Kathy just returned from Spain and Ireland and I was thinking of making her a scrapbook of the trip, but she didn't send the pictures. Wesley Bear still has a Facebook and I'm friends with Kaitlyn (my cousin, her daughter) and she posted a family photo in Spain. I'm thinking of making either a shadow box or scrapbook frame. I'm thinking possibly just a frame because I could make a page just like a scrapbook, but instead of a book... it's a frame.

Aunt Peg and Uncle Tom are beekeepers. Over the summer, I took some beautiful bee pictures. I want to print out three of them for her and put them in a frame that she can hang up.

I'm thinking of putting together a book of poetry and travel writing for everyone I gift to. I think they'd like that and I could show off some of my photography... such as:


  1. I like the bee pictures and love the one of the owl.

    I'm glad you kept the Wesley account; at least it allows you to look around FB still without having to worry about any drama.

    1. That's true! And it has allowed me to see some things without the drama as well...

      ...I'll e-mail you later.

      Thank you! The one of the owl is my favorite. :)