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Monday, November 24, 2014

Caskey's Black Sheep

I was first introduced to Caskey back in 2013 when he was featured in Twiztid's The Deep End. Caskey is a 22 year old rapper from Orlando, Florida that started out with heavy metal in middle school and then evolved to writing raps in high school after his sister got him into rappers such as N.W.A. and Three 6 Mafia. In Caskey's early days in 2011, he released two underground mixtapes: Blowin' Out My Mind Vol. 1 and The Intangibles. While recording his third mixtape, Homegrown Vol. 1, he has been recording with the producers, The Avengerz, since April 2011. When Caskey was sixteen years old, his father committed suicide, and a few of his songs reference the aftermath of his father's actions - much like what Caskey rapped about painfully on "The Deep End." (Source: Caskey (rapper)- Wikipedia.)

I really liked Caskey from what I heard through Twiztid, but to be honest, I didn't check out more of his work after constantly listening to "The Deep End." He follows me on Twitter and after I saw his follow, I followed him back. I've been keeping up with his work and when I saw he released Black Sheep mixtape on free download, I was excited to give it a listen. I tweeted him the question, "will you be releasing this on a physical CD? I would love to buy a copy." I was so excited when I won a signed physical copy of Black Sheep.

I love Black Sheep and the mixtape doesn't disappoint. I love the styles of each song, the beats, and the messages behind the lyrics. Black Sheep is very deep and visceral - it struck me at my core, which I think Caskey was going for. Since I'm around his age, I could relate well to the songs. I listened to this CD when I walked to work, when I was taking the Rambler to Wegmans and again coming home. Sun Goes Down, Tats On My Neck, Come N Get It and When I'm Gone are my absolute favorites.

I wasn't disappointed with this CD and I would definitely recommend Black Sheep. I'm going to listen to more of Caskey - I'm excited to listen to more of his work: he's awesome and talented.


  1. Heavy metal to rap? That's quite a change!

    1. Yes! As someone who listens to both, it is. My favorites are those that combine both genres. :)