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Friday, November 28, 2014


Today when we were in the city, mom, dad and I stopped at Campo's. It's a steak sandwich shop on 2nd Street. I was glad that they had other things as well. I ordered the Penne and it was amazing. The meatballs were homemade - although they didn't taste like nan's meatballs or mom's, they were still good. Even the canolli filling was homemade. I enjoyed my meal and my parents enjoyed their steak sandwiches. Campo's doesn't fry their food and most things are homemade, which I love and I think that's why I enjoyed it.

However, it's a bit expensive. I ordered the pasta dish that came with a salad and dirt pudding. That was $16, but to use my credit card I had to spend $20 and that's how I wound up with a canolli. The canolli was $4.25. My parents spent $27 for their food. Of course, whenever you are in Philadelphia (or any city for that manner), expect to pay a premium and expect to pay more for liquor since they have a special tax. Campo's is definitely worth trying once and if you're on a budget; if you eat here, look at museums or free things Philadelphia offers, like the German Christmas Village (entry about that tomorrow... we went there today).


  1. Looks delicious, which is what I would expect at that price!

    1. I liked it; I'd like to go back after I get my crown on my tooth so I could eat a steak sandwich. It was next to my favorite German restaurant, though, and I much prefer that.

  2. Yum. The canolli is calling my name.
    When do you get that crown, BTW?

    1. Hopefully January. When I called my dentist in November, he said: "We could do it now, but you'd have to pay for half. If you wait until January, insurance would cover all of it." My dentist took out my wisdom tooth in April and I guess since my dentist took out my wisdom tooth, he ran it under dental instead of medical and that's probably why insurance would only cover so much for the rest of this year. Dad's insurance is good like that; when I turn 26 in July, I want to find a plan like his.

      The filling was sooo good. :) I love homemade things. I'm mostly Italian and was raised on homemade Italian and Irish things (also Irish), so I love homemade the best.