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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

15 Things You’ll Only Relate To If You’re A Cancer Sign

Every once in a while I love participating in random merit badge giveaways on One of the genres for this month is astrology and we could win an astrology merit badge if the participant writes a poem, short story, essay or article about any astrological sign. Since I was born on the Fourth of July, my sign is cancer. I know moodiness is common with Cancers and oh boy, I really define moodiness well. I wanted to write about my sign, but wanted to do more research. I found this site: 15 Things You'll Only Relate To If You're a Cancer Sign and dang, I'm definitely a cancer!

  • You really trust your gut: Oh yeah. Though for a few years I tried ignoring my gut to give people the benefit of the doubt. In grade school, people thought I was guarded because I had that sixth sense. I've learned my gut/intuition have never been wrong and now I rely on those feelings hardcore. Sometimes I do talk it through with trusted friends to make sure I'm not day dreaming about things and oftentimes my gut/intuition is onto something.
  • You're always daydreaming: Although, I don't want to be a unicorn. I rather write a bestseller, travel the world, host my own travel show, start a business, be a gourmet chef, etc. Though, some of those things can be accomplished, it's just realizing those things take time and to be patient.
  • You actually have a lot of #feels in general: Yeah, "feels" should be my middle name. It seems like I feel every emotion and can feel everyone else's aura too. Seriously, I can pick up on if someone is in a bad mood because I'll catch it and be in a bad mood as well. Same as a good mood and a meh mood. I have been called intense too, probably because all the emotions I feel.
  • You remember everything: On Saturday, my aunt was talking about the car my cousins use now. I said, "Yeah, you bought that car one week before 9/11 in 2001. It was a sunny day, still warm. It was a Saturday because 9/11 happened on a Tuesday and it was Saturday because we were volunteering at the Elmwood Park Zoo." She was amazed and most people are because of how much I remember. Sometimes I feel like a freak with that ability. :\ I am the go to person with remembering birthdays. I never forget birthdays or it's rare that I do. Maybe that's why I was pretty good with history.
Overall, that list is me to the "T." I can get pretty crabby and people have accused me of being negative, but I'm also nurturing and people do come to me for help. And looking at the image of Mr. Crabs, I think that is a good likeness of me when I am feeling crabby:

Anyway, here is the poem I wrote: Cancerian Memories. I can't wait to get a merit badge. Astrology has always been a favorite of mine and I always loved reading about sign personalities. 


  1. I can get pretty crabby and I'm not a cancer! :-\

    1. Awww. :\ I think everyone can. It's just funny that these traits describe me to a "T." Ah, the joys of being intense and moody!

  2. I'd like to be able to remember everything. While there are lots of things I do remember, I tend to remember many useless facts while forgetting stuff that's important!