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Monday, October 13, 2014

What NOT to do when creating a Host of Ghosts...

The other week when I was shelving books at my job, I saw Spooky & Bright by Country Living. I love Halloween and this year I wanted to get creative in decorating. Mom, dad and I are going to a Halloween bonfire on October 25th and wanted to see recipes. I loved the decorations for "Friendly Host of Ghosts" which look like this:

You're supposed to use fabric stiffener, which mom said is another name for starch. Today at the library, one of my co-workers said sugar water has the same effect. I used sugar water... 4 tablespoons worth of sugar, but so far it's not stiff. It's also soaking wet.

Get cheesecloth...

4 tablespoons of sugar dissolved in water...

soak cheesecloth...


3 hours later, still sopping wet (it was supposed to dry in 10 minutes...)


But, looking at the instructions, I have to cut the cheesecloth into eight inches... this might be more than eight inches. I guess tomorrow I will cut this in half and then have mom show me where she keeps the starch. They are cute! I'm also going to make the ghouls:

Yes, I love ghosts! Don't ask why. Once I make the friendly host ghosts right, I'll post. :)


  1. Hey, it's more than what I could do if I made them. :)

    1. I should have put a warning: CAREFUL: LEAVES AREA STICKY!