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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Thankful Thursday 10/9/2014

I'm glad the hormonal week of last week is done - I guess my body is trying to get back into the groove of things. I feel like a teenager with the emotions of it. {e:facepalm} It's been a calm week and my parents are off. I liked the trips we took this week: it's been a good week. I'm thankful for what we did this week. I also feel thankful for my friends this week: my Midwestern friends, the friends here on, and all my other friends. As I said, it's been peaceful and I feel thankful for this peace.

Tomorrow night is Jazz and Blues Night at the library and I'm going. I'm thankful the library does these things and for free. My parents' 27th anniversary is tomorrow and they're going out to dinner, so I'm going to make something quick and go to this Jazz/Blues night. I'm excited even though I'm not sure who the acts are; I just love going and listening to music. Four years ago,Doc Gibs was the performer and another group that wasn't well known. Very nice guys and they let me get a group picture. {e:smile} I was appreciative of that - musicians are usually a nice bunch: every musician I have met has been down to earth, friendly and thankful for fans. I hear that about Twiztid and I've seen it on Twitter when Monoxide tweets me back or they posted a drawing. I'm excited to meet them next week.


  1. Your mom was a young bride. I remember she just had her birthday!