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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Thankful Thursday 10/30/2014 and 4 Things I'll Never Forget

Happy Thankful Thursday, y'all! What are you thankful for? Tomorrow is Halloween and the weather finally went back to cool, thank God! I am not a fan of 70 degree weather in October - it's 59 today and tomorrow, the weekend will pretty much be the same. In 2008, it was 75 degrees on Halloween - I remember that because that was my last year going door to door for trick-or-treating and that's when I could still fit into children costumes. I was a bumblebee. The costume was sleeveless and I didn't have to wear a coat with it. I remember sweating to death.

This was actually taken in 2009 because I dressed up as the bee again for Joyce's party. I guess I deleted the 2008 ones since after my first ex broke up with me...

I'm still on cloud #9 from last week. I'm thankful for the feeling because next week marks one year since things happened and I am really hoping the good feelings hold me through the 7th and really all throughout November and past December 5. Even if those days are a little rough, it'll be nice to have the good memories to remind me. I'm really thankful they came to Philadelphia and I'm really grateful for their kindness. The other day they retweeted my pumpkin I painted and that made me really happy too. They truly do care about their fans (the family) and they're genuine. In December (December 6th) they're having a Christmas party in Detroit and the first thousand people get in for free. It's a silent auction and I believe they're raising money for charity (they did something like that in February when they raised money for someone who had cancer). Just great people. This was in the Detroit News yesterday: Twiztid: Same Scares, New Home.

I'm also thankful for someone I met at the concert that I've been talking to non-stop for the past week. I'm thankful he listens and just gets me. He's a very good friend. :)

The other day on, I was given a prompt by Blog City for my blog there. I want to post it here.

If your life flashed before your eyes, what are 4 moments you know would be included? Bonus points to the monthly blogging if you tie this in with Halloween.
1. Meeting Twiztid and their reactions to when I gave them their Halloween treat bags. They sounded just like this skit, especially when they both said "OH MY GOD" rather excited. He's Looking At Me. I loved their hugs, which I wrote a poem about, the way we all sounded like we knew each other for a very long time... they definitely treated me like family (which, Julie said, they do... they're very good to the Fam) and it was just an amazing experience. I am still debating making them Christmas cookies and steak sandwiches to send off. Hmmm. Also, my first Twiztid concert (the same night - as someone said, "Damn, you went all out. First Twiztid show and first time meeting them!"), standing in the front row, getting dowsed with water, getting to look into Monoxide's eyes (swoon!) and just the amazing time I had there. I felt so alive and I'm still on cloud 9. Here are the two poems I wrote about their hugs:

Twiztid Hugs

Oh my God, thank you, he pulls me close,
holding me in a bear hug, my cheeks blush rose--
Jamie smells like a subtle cologne, pre-performance scent,
I put my arms around him, washing away my anxious tense.
Two minutes later, in calmness I chose

to move to Monoxide's extended arms pose
and then with a long embrace, he encloses
me into his lean chest, he becomes my shelter tent,
Oh my God, thank you, I melt in his throes

and they both realize, but he especially knows
sonnets, poems, letters and romantic prose--
bringing me in for a second hug, bear's content,
their love for me flows through in praises and presents.
Oh my God, thank you, for the camera we pose.

Maybe I should write a triolet about Monoxide holding me only.  Let me try something off the cuff!

Wrapped in your arms, my joys how great,
my anxiety, my love, my desire melts into you--
Your loving care in your soothing songs skate
wrapped in your arms, my joys how great,
since I knew you, it was our fate!
Dressed to impress, like my dreams too;
wrapped in your arms, my joys how great,
my anxiety, my love, my desire melts into you.

2. My first Packers game and my first tail gate party before the game. The Packers won that night and I met some great friends there. The 2nd game I went to, I sat close to the front and made even more friends. Both Packers games were fun and hold special memories for me (much like meeting Twiztid and my first Twiztid concert).

3. Germany. I loved Germany; Switzerland and Austria were nice, but there was just something about Germany I loved. I loved seeing the Alps, going into the Hofbrau Houses (though, I was in high school and the rule was we had to follow American laws when it came to drinking since Germans can drink beer at 16 and hard liquor at 18), public transit and just the sights of Munich, Rothenberg, Heidleberg and Frankfurt. We went at the beginning of April and the weather was rainy and cool. Despite the weather, it was still pretty. When we were in Austria, we stayed in a hotel on the Alps. It snowed that night and just the sight was breath taking. It was an old building, but it was comfortable and warm. Nan said Germany was beautiful in June - warm, but not hot. The people were really friendly and honest too. I'd love to go back to Germany. For the longest time I wanted to live in Germany and I'm actually reconsidering it.

4. Halloween parties! I love getting dressed up and making my costumes. On Saturday night, mom, dad and I went to mom's friend's Halloween bonfire for a little bit (we stayed 5-8:30 since I had to dog sit). Everyone loved my costume as Monoxide (as was the case for last year) and I became photographer for the night. Mom said everyone on Facebook loved the photos - since I deactivated my personal account, I just sent her the pictures. Last year I came close to winning a prize for my Monoxide costume at a party and in 2011 I won a prize for being Clay Matthews. I was awarded a movie, popcorn, a t-shirt and M&Ms (it was awarded by the school for a fun run I participated in... that's why it wasn't a big prize... still it was cool).


  1. It's supposed to snow here...

    You look nice in your bee costume.

    1. It's 32 degrees here now... so if it starts to rain, it could snow! I look forward to snow, though. :)

      I miss that costume. That's when I still fit into girl sizes. They make bee costumes in women sizes, but they're "sexy" costumes... I don't like wearing low cut costumes. Maybe next year I'll make my own.

  2. Quite a bit to be thankful for! Nice post. :)

    Hey, if you lived in Germany, you'd only be a short flight away from me. :D

    1. This month is apparently Thankful month, so I'll be writing about what I'm thankful for the entire month!

      I know! That would be so cool!