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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Thankful Thursday 10/23/2014

“The best portion of your life will be the small, nameless moments you spend smiling with someone who matters to you.” ~Unknown

Yesterday's Blog City ( prompt was "what do you look forward to every week?" and I thought this would be a great way to start Thankful Thursday. My friend on, Joy, posted that beautiful quote above. She heard it from a motivational speaker, but wasn't sure of their name (so I just credited it to "unknown"). I really love that quote. Last week I looked forward to seeing and meeting Twiztid for the first time. I remember on Sunday, one of my Instagram followers said, "Now what, huh? No more excitement." I replied, "Actually, this will hold me for a very long time. I will never forget these moments and I look forward to writing about them and scrapbooking the pictures. I don't have a burner anymore, but maybe I'll send the videos to someone who does along with a DVD and they can make me one."(Any readers care to help? E-mail me: It's true, though, even though the concert has passed, the memories and smiles shared with Twiztid and the awesome people I met at the concert will not be forgotten and I cherish those memories.

Yesterday I posted that I looked forward to going to work each week. I do - I love my library job and I love the people I work with. I love seeing kids and I love seeing kids smile and laugh after story hour. I love helping patrons and I have loved getting to know the regulars over the past eight years. I look forward to it each day and I will continue to as long as I work there. When I was still working at Software Application Training of West Chester University, I loved going into work there as well. I enjoyed writing manuals, teaching the manuals and I especially loved seeing Harry and Eliot each week for our computer club. I loved helping them navigate the computer, I loved helping Eliot with photography. But, I mostly enjoyed their stories. I know when I do get another second job, I will look forward to that as well. 

I also look forward to the adventures that life loves to throw everyone each day. No day is the same and each day has its own special adventure and lessons learned from that adventure. You grow each day. I also look forward to my walks and taking pictures because I try to take a picture every day. Joy brought up a good point and I can't believe I forgot it. Joy is older, but I believe it applies to everyone: to stay alive and well. Each day we wake up, even if it's not the best of days, is a gift because we never know what will happen to us. Every day we are healthy is another gift... sometimes I think we all fail to appreciate health until we are either sick or see a loved one sick. It's amazing what we learn when we experience it or see someone experience it. Even in our worst days, when we fail to see the good in life, those memories of happy times should be held close to remind us all nothing lasts forever (cue in Guns N Roses November Rain: "nothing lasts forever, even cold November rain..."). I love reading Joy's blog because she's very wise and I can learn about myself from reading her entries. Thanks, Joy!


  1. Always look on the bright side of life. :) (Monty Python song title there but it's a fitting title for a great phrase!)

    1. That's true! I think I've actually heard that song!