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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Post-Twiztid Concert and Boyler Room

Hi Y'all,

I'm exhausted because I came home around 2 AM, went to bed at 3 AM and was up at 8 AM to check on Aunt Kathy's dogs and to upload pictures. I'm at Aunt Kathy's tonight, so I will be writing (with pen and paper) about the AWESOME concert last night and meeting Madrox and Monoxide and post tomorrow. I'm still in awe about meeting them. They're so genuine, down to Earth and chill. I'm still glowing... but you'll hear about that tomorrow. :D

I ended up going to the Boyler Room, which is right next to the TLA. I took the Broad Street Line thinking it would bring me closer to my destination instead of walking 5 blocks from 5th and Market... but I ended up walking more blocks. I stopped at Brauhaus Schmitz, a German restaurant I heard so much about; but, it was too crowded and I didn't want to chance being there past five pm (the Twiztid shop told everyone who was VIP to meet at the TLA at 5 PM). I walked on and looked for the Irish Times, but once I spotted where the TLA was... I wanted to stay local and I saw the Boyler Room. Also, walking the several blocks, I just wanted to sit down.

The Boyler Room's menu is simple: sandwiches, salads and soups. Since I didn't get my crown yet (have to call the dentist tomorrow), I ordered a cup of homemade potato soup and a Jack and Coke. The soup was amazing. I also ordered water because well, I didn't want to be too out of it for the meet and greet - one was enough. The Boyler Room wasn't crowded, but I talked to this one person who was visiting from Oregon. He was interesting. The Boyler Room was very laid back and welcoming. I'd suggest it for a quick meal before a show at the TLA: the food is good and it's cheap - it was only $6 for the soup and liquor (I was surprised... Jack and Coke in the city can easily be $8 for a glass instead of $4... but it might have been happy hour since it was 4pm).


  1. Yum. I love potato soup. With bacon sprinkles. I'm glad you had fun.

    1. I'm still in awe about meeting them. It's surreal and I hugged Monoxide! I am just glad I didn't pass out, but I was a little nervous... it went well, though. :) I'm glad I went - it was one of the best times this year - I'm glad I did this. I met a lot of really nice people last night.

      Me too. I really want to try making it sometime. I don't think it should be too hard.

  2. Yay Oregon!! Also, that soup looks delicious - I can't believe it was SO cheap. You can't even get a drink for $6 in Seattle haha.

    1. I was actually really surprised. Philadelphia has more taxes than the suburbs (sales tax is 6% in PA, but Philadelphia has a sales tax of 7 or 7.5%) and usually a dinner would cost me $15 (drinks are more than $8). That's why I thought it was a happy hour special, but I'm not sure since it was early. Not complaining. :) The soup was awesome - it was homemade and so creamy. The sandwiches looked good too, so maybe I'll go back when I get my crown.

      He was really nice. He said he's here for a month - was just hired to work for Amtrak and the training is here. First person I've actually met from Oregon, I think.