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Friday, October 17, 2014

Philadelphia Homelessness

Today I ventured into Philadelphia for a job interview and Philadelphia in the early morning (7:30am) is interesting. There was a lady handing out samples of free tortilla chips and gave me two bags. Until I get my crown, I've been avoiding chips and so I knew I couldn't eat them and I knew it would be ridiculous walking into an interview with tortilla chips... I decided to give the bags to homeless people. Two homeless people were very thankful and it made me happy that something so small could make someone so happy. I guess most people can take food and water for granted and we don't realize it until we're struggling.

However, something really made me sad. When I walked to the bank to get out money, I saw a homeless guy sitting in the area between the MFL station on 15th Street and TD Bank holding a sign: "I am homeless and diabetic. I need $19 for my insulin copay and I won't get my first paycheck until next week. My father died last week and I've been struggling." He was a young guy and he was shaking... I felt really bad. I was debating going back to say, "Where do you get your prescription?" and going with him to get it - I never give someone money... if a homeless person asks for money for food, I take the person to get a meal because you know that way they are getting food instead of drugs and alcohol. However, I thought it would cause an issue of "why do you want to know?" and well, I'm not sure how a pharmacy would react... if it was true. Although, I felt really bad for the guy, I went on my way to the job interview. :(

Tomorrow I'll be going back into the city for the Twiztid concert. I'm really excited and today the Twiztid shop sent me an e-mail and called me to tell me to be at the TLA at 5pm so I can get my VIP pass and directions of where to stand for the concert. Ah, so surreal! The guy that works for the Twiztid shop was so nice and we had a five minute conversation. I said, "This is my first Twiztid concert. I'm really excited!" He sounded happy when he said, "I bet and y'all get to meet them! That's so cool! Enjoy!" :) Today has been a great day and tomorrow will be awesome too.


  1. He probably was in withdrawal. You are very kind.

    1. It made me feel so bad. :( I hate seeing people in that condition, especially if it's from diabetes.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanksgiving/Christmas is coming up... I have to go through old clothes since I shrunk a size and I'll donate to charity. :)