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Friday, October 3, 2014


There is one patron to the library that brings us four $100 certificates from The library said I could take one if I wanted to, but I'd need to check the website to see what restaurants use the certificate. I was looking at restaurants before I see Twiztid... something that is close to the TLA. I saw Marrakesh is on and on a map, it looks like it's behind the TLA (it's a two minute walk). However, they don't list prices and sadly, I might not have time for it. It's a Moroccan restaurant and if it's like Casablanca, it's an 8 course meal and it takes three hours. My Arabic class and I used to go to Casablanca all the time; I'm just not sure how much it was since the language department paid for these trips. Maybe I'll call - if I can't do this on the 18th, maybe I can do it some other time; just have to see when the gift card expires or how that gift card works.


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    1. I know, I'm shocked! Usually he brings us those print outs, but they're usually $50.

      Marrakesh might be out before the concert - it's like the other place I've been to that it takes 4 hours to dine. I rather go when I have no worry of being late for a meet and greet.

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    1. Tomorrow I have to pick up the one gift card... then decide where to go. I might use it for another time because I'm not sure if you have to use the certificate in one sitting.