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Monday, October 27, 2014

Halloween Pumpkin Ideas

Hi y'all,

Pumpkins! Everyone loves them, even though their gooey innards and delicious seeds get everywhere from kitchen floors to tables to chairs. In this blog entry, I'm going to give you some pumpkin ideas that you can try at home.

My dad carved this pumpkin in 2011. I remember someone that was a Facebook friend at the time post a profile picture of a puking pumpkin. I knew I had to create one myself and it was a great way to use all the pumpkin. The trick-or-treaters that year really loved being greeted by a throwing up pumpkin. The puking pumpkin is easy too:

1. Carve a mean looking face and instead of a smile, carve a hole.
2. Place the innards as throw up... almost like a waterfall.
3. Place outside.

I would suggest carving this on Devil's/Mischief Night because if you carve it too far in advanced, it may rot. I Love Halloween 2011.

Last year when we carved these pumpkins, we just used a stencil. You can get the stencils at your local super market. The designs are neat, but the little knife they include in the kit is a bit of a pain. I cut off the pumpkin dude's head last year and had to get a tooth pick to stick it back on. The stencils do make cool designs, though!

This year I didn't feel like carving; I opted to paint a pumpkin instead. Instead of wasting two pumpkins, I made it double sided: I made a TWIZTID GRUMPKIN! It was a bit hard trying to paint on the pumpkin, but I like the way it came out. I used washable paint for children, but they do sell pumpkin paint. It's a bit more expensive, but that paint makes the pumpkin pop and stand out. Although painting wasn't as fun as carving, it was still fun creating a design.


  1. My pumpkin is still sitting plain and whole and boring on the front porch.

    1. Not a bad thing! Though I think the puking pumpkin is my favorite. That was so fun to create. Carving and cleaning are just a lot of work...

  2. I quite like the glowing pumpkins. Highly decorative.

    1. Yeah, but they're a mess! My dad is getting his knee operated on soon and he didn't want to deal with trying to clean up everything since it gets everywhere. The painting was fun, but I'm noticing with the kid's paint, the paint is peeling. :( I don't think pumpkin paint does that, but it's a bit pricey (and well, I think I was late buying things this year because I didn't see it).