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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Halloween Party Ideas (Games and Food)


With the ebola scare, I wouldn’t suggest bobbing for apples. Trick or treating in the basement, trivia and murder mysteries are all great activities. If you have a basement that allows it, a dance off is fun as well.

Relay Game With a Frightful Twist
I don’t have pictures for it, but I do have pictures from my Super Bowl party. The game was a hit; break your party into two groups and they compete against each other trying to stack and re-stack red solo cups. To give a frightful twist, have them close their eyes and have eery music playing in the background. It’ll make stacking challenging and creepy at the same time. Of course, you could just stick to the original relay game. It’s fun either way!

Cupcake Bowl
Another idea from a Super Bowl party, instead I used wings. For the cupcake bowl, buy a few dozen small cupcakes and whomever eats the most cupcakes win.

Halloween Food

Jello Shots and Dirt
I made these two things for a Monster Party I had in 2011. Everyone loved the jello shots (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) as well as the dirt. For Halloween, you can make the dirt into a cemetery.

My mom made this for a Halloween party and everyone loved it.

I made these with nan in 2010. Oh man, what a mess to make, but so many laughs nan and I shared making them. They’re delicious, but the bonding and memories made while making them with other people are even more amazing. I wish I saved the pictures on Photobucket before I deactivated Facebook, but the site gives a good picture!


For invitations for the Monster party I had in 2011, I printed out horror images from magazines or made invitations out of pictures I took. Invitations are at your discretion! Be as creative as you like!

Tomorrow I will list the best songs for Halloween for all ages!


  1. My last Halloween party was nine years ago. Sad but true.

    1. It's been 3 since I've last held my own! Someone at work is having a party for her 17 year old next week and tonight I have to email her the ideas (I forgot my laptop on Friday night, last night I was exhausted from a party I went to) since the party is next week. So I figured I'd blog about it too because lately it seems like a lot of people have been reading my party entries. :)

  2. Heh; there was some bobbing for apples here a few weeks ago. Someone did mention ebola!

    I'd love to attend a Halloween party; I think 1996 was the last time I attended one. 2012 was my most active Halloween in years because I was at my aunt and uncle's house in the East of England.

    1. I've honestly never bobbed for apples! My dad always thought it was nasty and I agree with him. I guess even in the 1990s, bobbing for apples was a no-no around here because we never did that for school parties either.

      Does the UK celebrate? I could imagine London being fun! Oh, I'll try to send out a card on Thursday or after Halloween. I misplaced my Halloween cards and I'm trying to get a bunch of letters together since the post office is a trek!

    2. Halloween is celebrated here. :)