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Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween/ Hallowicked 2014

Happy Halloween/ Hallowicked, everyone! I had a laid back day - work wasn't overly busy and we all dressed in our favorite Halloween shirts. I love the one I bought in Reading last month. :) When I got home, I dressed up as Monoxide and greeted trick-or-treaters as Monoxide. We had a good turn out. I only have 6 candy bags left over (out of 42) and 12 bags of chips left (out of 50). Good day today that ended with me taking a shot of Jagermeister. :)

My favorite shirt. :)

Going to make iced coffee!

Red for blood!

Bloody cup of iced coffee!

What awaits the trick-or-treaters (except Julie and Ghoulie - I love that bear and her ghost!)

Monoxide and Wesley Bear!

My dad got a close up of me. Haha.

Wesley waiting to greet trick-or-treaters. One little girl loved him and spent several minutes playing with him. :)

I thought this was cool - moon covered with clouds. We're supposed to get storms later.

Got these four shot glasses on sale for $1!

Hope everyone had a great Halloween/Hallowicked! 


  1. It snowed earlier, so I wasn't expecting a big turnout, but we got about 30 kids...and some young adults. You look good in your Monoxide costume.

    1. Thank you! The make up I bought this year was much better - no itchy face! Haha.

      We had mostly elementary and middle school students. The high school had an away football game last night; we had no high school students.

      It's raining today, but tomorrow depending on weather, I still walk around the neighborhood nan used to live in. I'll give the rest of the candy to the neighbors I know that have kids. We're keeping the remaining chip bags.

  2. Interesting-looking coffee! I like the Moon and shot glass pictures. Plus, like Susie said, great costume. :)

    1. Thanks, Andrew! I wanted to have fun with the coffee, so I added red to be blood for Halloween. :p I also added some vanilla, but you couldn't taste the vanilla. :(