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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Halloween and Fall Cards

I will be sending out Halloween cards to my friends this year (if you would care for a card, send me an e-mail to with your address) and I did buy a set of six cards. However, I have mini cards that are blank and I can fill with my own pictures. I wrote a poem for the following picture (this card is for Christina):

Tonight's the magical night
where witches take flight
and children in silly masks
go door to door and ask--
"Trick or treat?!"
and are rewarded in sweets:
pumpkins' glittering lights
wishing you a Halloween so bright!

I'm going to give this following picture to Monoxide with the following saying (I did get him a special card, but it's a construct it yourself skeleton that simply says "Have a frightful Halloween!" or something like that... I can't put a note on it and a lot of my small paper is from Sanrio -- it's perfect for a pre-teenage and teenaged girl since I bought the paper when I was 13):

Hope you don't melt from the frightful sights or smashed from the witch's brew.

The other two are general Autumn. I love this picture I took the other day from Green Lane Park:

Today as I watched the Autumn sun rise,
wind rustling, red and orange leaves fly--
it reminds me of you:
sailing on the water so blue
watching the rainbow reflect
the final days before winter connects.
I hope today you will let the wind
take you on a journey and for a spin,
scents of cinnamon and apple circle you
in all of your dreams and wishes come true.

Happy Autumn!

What do you think of these three sayings?

Oh! And that melting pumpkin dude, I took that picture in November 2010 at my aunt's house. I was pet sitting for her and I saw the pumpkin dude melting: I had to snap a picture! I thought it was so cool! I took it with my phone at the time and I'm glad I saved it to Photobucket. :) One of the best pictures ever regarding Halloween.


  1. Are you still sending out Halloween cards? I'd love to receive one but I'll understand if it's too late. Regardless, I'll be sure to send you a Christmas card later this year. :)

    1. I am still sending them out! I stop sending them on 10-30. :D