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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Tomorrow's The Day! Memphis, TN and Tunica, MS!

TOMORROW IS THE DAY! I'm glad mom checked the flight itinerary because we thought the flight was at 6:30 pm, but the flight is actually at 2 pm! When it strikes Midnight tonight, I'll write my thankful Thursday since tomorrow we have to leave the house by 11:30 am. I have my clothes packed, we just have to put them into the suitcase.

Shirts I'm going to wear.

Well, mom said it's going to be very hot. I'll wear my System of a Down shirt tomorrow for the flight, but I'll wear the Stuart Minion shirt on a really hot day. I'm thinking Saturday, since it's supposed to be 89 degrees. 

Baby Doll dress for Beal Street and other things I'm packing.

My carry ons. Book: The Owl Who Liked Sitting on Caesar, journal, camera and iPod.

I'm excited to start reading this book!

Going to update my iPod. Going to purchase: 

I have decided to bring my DSLR camera. Since tomorrow I won't have the time to go to the mall, I am assuming I can buy a disposable camera at either the Philadelphia Airport or the Memphis Airport, correct? I hope so! I want to use some film for Beale Street and for Tunica, MS.

We are going to Tunica. I found out what the tour was: it's part of the Memphis Hop and it's called Blues City Tours. We're taking Tunica Tour #2 where we go on the Tunica Queen (I believe) and go to the Tunica Riverpark Museum. I am assuming there will be food served because we will be picked up at our hotel at 1:45, then depart from Memphis at 2. I guess the museum will be first, then the tour. I'm really excited. Hmmm... it might be this: Sightseeing on the Tunica Queen. AND it looks like cotton is still king of Tunica! Finding the Three C's of Tunica: Cotton, Casinos and Catfish. I know... I'm odd, but I hope to see some cotton fields. I want to see cotton!

Tomorrow night, we're hanging out on Beale Street, then on Saturday we're just touring things from the Memphis Hop. It's pretty much spontaneous. I will not be bringing my laptop, so when I get home on Sunday morning, I will update y'all and post pictures. I'm also going to be bringing a journal so I can write about the trip. I'm thinking of travel writing about Memphis and Tunica for, then publishing (actually publishing, not self-publishing) poems about my trip. I think that would be cool. :)