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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Thankful Thursday: Fall Edition 9/25/2014

On Tuesday, the calendar and the sun setting at 7:30 pm marked the first day of Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere. It was perfect weather as well - mid 60s and somewhat breezy. I love the feelings of fall.

Today it is rainy and according to my Weather Whiskers app, it's 58 degrees in King of Prussia (60 according to the regular screen on my phone). I love that app because I love these pictures:

Anyway, I'm thankful for these rainy, cool, quiet days. Why? I love snuggling into a blanket and writing or reading. I've been reading a few magazines on writing and photography techniques. I've also been writing - writing mostly about my trip. I'm working on creative non-fiction now, but I will be publishing poetry I believe. I am thankful for when these days bring creativity. I love the cold weather and I'm thankful for the change of seasons.
Autumn, her beauty is to me
    like those Packers games -- green and gold
waves rustling, bustling, then a calm singing sea,
    of men, women and children - touchdown unfold
    to warriors dancing; the night sky their gold hands hold.

But her beauty means more - like those black nights,
    those gold stars, moon's classic opaque face
that have brought me home from danger's sight;
    To the glory that was Havre de Grace
and the grandeur that was Sterling Heights.

Remember! Before Autumn's rest
    how opera-like I hear her sing!
    The rustling leaves and animals ring,
Ah! the diversions from the daily tests--
    that either bring buffalo wings or wedding rings!

I didn't order the Twiztid ticket yet, but I am going to. I had anxiety attacks on Tuesday night and yesterday about ordering a ticket without knowing the job situation (I was panicked about the one temp job because she did say if I get it, there is an opportunity to work overtime on two Saturdays of my choice. It was probably silly worrying because I could work October 11th, 25th and November 1st if I get it). I am thankful for Norb and Charlie listening to me and talking me out of my anxiety. Charlie is right - going to a concert won't make or break me... it also doesn't show I'm lazy. I really want to go and I've really wanted to go for a year (well, longer than that - I'd say seeing Twiztid has been a dream of mine since 8th grade... so 10 years). Many of my long time readers probably remember the letter I sent Mono and the video I made Twiztid asking them to come to Philadelphia. I think it would behoove me to go since I did ask them... tomorrow I will call the TLA to make sure I can order the ticket at the box office to avoid the $9 servicing fee.


  1. I like Green Bay. It was 73 here. As usual, we will go from summer to winter... I like the 50s. Rarely get them.

    1. We should be getting warm weather again. I love cold weather - 50 degrees and below. I look forward to mid-Fall and winter. :)

  2. I wish Seattle falls were nice, so far it's just been rainy and mid 50s. My unsolicited advice, I think you should go to the concert. Everyone says you regret the things you don't do in your life, if you've wanted to see them for 10 years then you should definitely go. A temp job isn't worth missing a once in a lifetime opportunity to go do something for you. That being said, I think working hard is important and so is proving yourself in your job but sometimes you need to do something for you - it's all about work life balance. Plus, most employers are very understanding of pre-planned events when you start a new job, especially if they're on a Saturday when your job is a M-F type thing. I say go for it :)

    1. Thanks for the advice. Well, the temp job that has the possibility of having a few Saturdays, I don't have it yet. I'm still waiting to hear from them. I have an interview at another place on Tuesday and if I get that, those hours are Monday-Thursday 8am-6pm (with no Saturdays). I'm going to order the ticket tonight because this year I've been putting things off for unknowns (man, I missed so many things thinking 'well, I'll be moving' or 'I'll get this job') that never panned out. I don't want to do this for the concert because I do want to go and well, the temp job might not pan out. The hiring manager was meh with me (it was the hiring manager along with two other people and my experience has always been, the hiring manager has the final say and this hiring manager was very sarcastic with me throughout the interview), but the third woman liked me. They said they had several applicants and they were interviewing everyone and it could take two weeks. So, right now it's an unknown. I don't want to be held back for another unknown. I'm ordering it tonight and I can't wait. :) If I don't get this temp job, all the other jobs I've applied for have been the standard hours.

  3. We're expected to have a mild fall here in the UK, hence the abundance of spiders!

    1. We've had a lot of Daddy Long Legs at our house. They're so cool! Of course, it's been cooler than average here all year. Hmmm.

      Oh, I am seeing Twiztid and I will be meeting them! :)