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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Thankful Thursday 9/11/2014

Dear bloggers, what have I to be thankful for today? I really liked what my Instagram friend posted with his 9-11 memorial:

Today is a day to be grateful for everything we have, to live for those who lost the chance to, and to remember all the heroes in the world big or small. All of my prayers go out to all the people effected on this day.

This was well written and I agree. We need to be mourn those that lost their life on 9-11, but also everyone who has lost a life to terrorism (not only "Islamic" terrorism, but "Christian" terrorism, "Jewish" terrorism in other parts of the world, terrorism in general because terror doesn't have a faith, they're all cowards and use religion to hide behind evil and greed). We need to be grateful for those that protect us and continue to risk their lives to protect us. I want to thank the men and women that are currently overseas helping to protect us from another attack.


Today is also Throwback Thursday! Here are some pictures I posted on Instagram:

Daniel and me in December 2000.

Christmas 2000. I was looking at my new blink-182 CD. That Christmas I received blink-182's Dude Ranch and Cheshire Cat (I think that was the name of the album... it had a Siamese cat on the front. I do have the CD upstairs still). Do you see the black roll behind the gifts? That was an Eminem poster my friend at the time gave me. I wonder if I still have that poster. I loved it. I loved my Eminem, Limp Bizkit and blink-182 posters I had in my room until 2004. I really hope I still have them.

Woo in 1999. Woo was our Siamese cat that we had from 1988-2007.

Today I also sent a card to my friend Hal. He lives in Chicago, but I haven't spoken to him since I deactivated my Facebook. He had prostate cancer and was battling it. I feel bad that I didn't write him sooner, but I bought him a nice card and this magnet:

I'm thinking about going back to Hallmark to get myself a magnet. It's so true. I'm thinking of starting a story with this. I did write Hal a letter as well; I hope he does keep in touch! 

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