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Friday, September 26, 2014


So, I ordered the ticket and I will be seeing Twiztid and meeting them on October 18th. :) I'll be going to my first Twiztid concert! This is surreal because I've wanted to see them since I was in 8th grade and I'm glad they're coming to Philadelphia. I guess my video last year persuaded them. :p I'm excited to meet Monoxide. I think I'm going to give him a hug. One of my Instagram friends said I should bake him a cake, like the cake I made for my birthday. I said, "think he'd like that?" He replied, "Sxxt he liked it on Twitter! He'd love it in person! And he could share it with Jamie." So... maybe... depending on how it'd fare on a trolley and ell. That reaction would be classic, haha. Julie gave Jamie a hug in April, so I don't think Monoxide will mind. Ah, man... excited, but a little nervous. This is surreal - oh man! I'm hyperventilating a bit. (I want to thank Rebeka for her advice. I appreciate it. :) )

The concert starts at 9 pm, but doors open at 8. I'm assuming I'll need to be there by 6:30 pm to meet them. Julie said they'll call to tell me on the day of the concert. I've been looking at restaurants near the TLA. It looks like an easy walk (I guess I should get off at 2nd and Market, then walk to 3rd and South since it's 334 South St.). The Oyster House looks appetizing, but I think that's pretty far. So, I looked up "restaurants on South Street, Philadelphia" and was brought to Menu PagesBoyler Room and Jon's. I've been to Jon's before and I love Jon's, so I think I'll go there. :) It's hard to believe October 18th is three weeks away. Excited!

Here's the video I made last October for them:

I am dog sitting at my aunt's tonight and I forgot the charger for my phone and laptop. I'm going to write something about Memphis and I'll post it a little later. :)