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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Hot, Hot, Hot... But Cooling Down!

For the past few days, it's been REALLY hot and humid in Pennsylvania. I kept saying, "I hope we don't have an Indian summer. I hope it's not a hot fall when it should have been hot in the summer." Today until the rain storm came in at 5 pm (we're due for more thunderstorms later and more downpours) it reached mid 90s, but the heat index made it feel like it was 104.

The clouds started rolling in at around 3 pm. The clouds looked really neat... I always loving taking pictures of clouds, especially storm clouds.

Umbrella some really nice guy gave me as I was waiting for SEPTA three weeks ago and it was pouring. I should bring it in or at least put in the garage. Spider webs are growing around it.

Mimi was afraid of the thunder at first, but after the rain and thunder stopped, she went back outside and enjoyed the new temperatures in the high 70s. The rain cooled it down. Since we're expecting more nasty storm later, we're keeping the air on until tomorrow. Tomorrow is supposed to be 73. This reminds me of a prompt the other day on the Writer's Cramp (

New Prompt: The genre is food

You are invited on a birthday party, in the middle of the summer, but the theme for the party is mid-winter. (not Christmas) It is super hot that day.
You have to take along a gift, related to the theme. All of a sudden, it starts to snow...

I might have to write this, sans a birthday party. Tonight we brought out nan's old spaghetti board and mom said, "we have to make her spaghetti again." It was a merry-go-sorry (mixed with joy and sadness) moment. Maybe my story will mix something with that as well.

Sharing this really cute picture of Monoxide for no reason. His smirk makes me smile. :)


  1. It was in the fifties here this morning. Hopefully heading your way...

    1. It poured last night and this morning I awoke to the windows opened and mid 60s. I think it's supposed to go to 75 today, but the heat and humidity will be returning on Thursday. :(

  2. It's quite warm here at the moment; I hope it'll stay that way for a bit longer so that I won't have to walk to the bus in the rain! :D

    1. It's cooled down a lot now - 70s. I like cold weather; I can't stand hot weather, haha.