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Monday, September 1, 2014

Happy Labor Day! Montage of Summer

It's hard to believe today is the unofficial end to the summer when public pools close until Memorial Day next May, days get shorter and cooler. The leaves have started to change colours in Pennsylvania. Grade schools around here start tomorrow. It's crazy to think how fast this year went.

I know I said I was taking a hiatus from the "Secret Life of Blogger's Blog Party," but I want to share my weekend with you. I also want to do a montage of what I did this summer (one event before summer began: Detroit and one event that is after Labor Day... but we'll be heading home on the last day of summer: Memphis). I will start with what I did this weekend. It was nice and relaxing.

Saturday, August 30

Mom and I took a break from cleaning the house and when we were outside, a katydid hopped from the couch to one of our porch chairs. It was so neat to see a katydid up close and in person instead of in a cage.

Sunday, August 31

Ah, I was cleaning my drawers on Saturday and I found a shirt I bought at age 21. It now fits me again!

We went to Delaware to get some lunch at Famous Dave's and the liquor store because it's cheaper.

Tried to get the Delaware sign, but we went too fast by it.

DART bus instead!

This was my lunch: Cheesehead meets St. Louis. Burnt ends with cheese, then St. Louis style ribs, collards (my favorite), cinnamon apples (another favorite) and corn bread. Mmmm. 

I love their decor.

We went to the liquor store and I liked this bottle.

That was the wine I bought. It was $5, but since I did a taste testing, I received 10% off: $4.50 was the final price. It's really good and sweet. I like sweet,

I ended up snacking on this last night.

Monday, September 1

See, the leaves are starting to change a bit!

Weird looking mushrooms.

The milkweed really grew! We're waiting for the seed sacks to burst and plant other ones for next year.

I like this one dad took.

Then he handed me his beer to be silly.

Now a the summer montage. I love being a part of Blog City on I'm glad Lyn invited me to join at the end of June. I thought today's prompt that Mitch sent us was a perfect way to wrap up summer:

"A life - Its the stuff that happens while you wait for moments that never come. Comment, expound, elaborate, reiterate or contemplate.

Ah, man, I feel like I can relate to this sentiment well this year. As the summer ends, here I am applying for temporary jobs in King of Prussia…a place I want to leave badly. Ironically last night mom asked me again why I chose Detroit and held onto it for seven months, but I just angrily answered “I don’t know.” I didn’t want to get into it with her again. It’s funny how long you can hold onto something that doesn’t really work when you’re desperate. When I saw an internship for the Tigers in December, two days after the case was dropped; I latched onto it like a person in danger of drowning holds on tightly to the lifesaver so the violent blue waters doesn’t eat the person alive. Except, I didn’t let go and I didn’t let go until I saw how that desperation made me feel. I think it was always there that Detroit wasn’t to be, neither was Roseville…but trauma does weird things to a person; very weird things. I think a higher power was with me, looking now, maybe it’s a good thing I didn’t move with floods and murder everywhere. As a former coworker, mom and a bunch of others said, “if you moved there, [we] believe it would have turned very bad very quickly. Maybe it’s a good thing you couldn’t snag a job or home there. [We’re] also glad you didn’t move; you might have ended up homeless or in really bad shape.” I don’t want to think about what could have happened; I already survived one thing and I don’t want to think of that happening again.

Yet, as I waited for Detroit and as it never came to be, life went on around me. Life continues to go on around me as I look in Green Bay and elsewhere. I know I need temp here because the moments of a temp job will help with saving and experience. I’m not sure if I will end up in Green Bay, but I sure do hope I get the heck out of King of Prussia. People have said I’ve painted King of Prussia, West Chester and the Philadelphia area to be a bad place and I do believe that to an extent: I have never been happy here, I never had a sense of belonging like I did while traveling elsewhere. However, now I try to keep the positive and there are some beautiful moments here with work, some people are kind here which is refreshing when so many people are rude. I have learned that when you stop looking for the bad in people and let things as they are, it makes you a bit calmer, less angrier and bitter. Trauma and bitterness combined aren’t pretty. I learned that at my cousin’s graduation and what a wise member of said to me afterwards when I confided in a group on, it rang true and whenever I think angrily I try to think of Garden Girl’s words to me:  

I know what it's like to be in your position, and to hate a town (and everyone in it) so badly that I needed to get as far away as I could. But I felt trapped just like you. I get that. But I also know that if you don't get a grip on your anger problem it will absolutely destroy you from the inside out. The only person you're hurting is yourself. You haven't learned to heal and let it go. You'll never forget, but you can learn to move on and live the life you're supposed to be living. But deflecting all that anger onto other people isn't the way to go about it. If you hate your town, move. If you hate your life, fix it. Don't make excuses, just do it. Get 2 or 3 jobs if you have to, but start taking control of your life and LIVE it. You can vent all you want, but no one can fix your problems but you. I don't mean that to be harsh, I'm only giving you the same advice that was told to me years ago by a very great friend. I took it, and I hope you do too. *Heart* If you really want to do something, you can. No one is stopping you from healing, but you. You just have to take the first step. 

She’s right. It’s up to me, not anyone else. I do have one wonderful job, I was approved for and I’m applying to other places. I’ll be working hard to get out of here, but I will never lose sight of small things like I was when I was all consumed in Detroit/Roseville. I like Cinnamon Fringe’s list. That’s inspirational. I’m introverted and I know it’s hard for introverts to ace a job interview. I found this site though:

Detroit and Roseville, MI

I wrote this poem that I'm thinking of submitting for a contest. What do you think?

Lines From Seeing Detroit For the First Time
(From an Amtrak Bus)
Jessica Marie

hazy as the bright
May yellow sun shone
through the
bus’s dirt stained

Grape Faygo,
cold, a nice
gift from the lady
in the train station
that sat quietly
in Toledo,
sits sweating
in my warm hands.
Twiztid blasts
through my ear buds,
though I turn it off
to talk to locals
returning home.

To the Motor City!
the water tower read.
I was expecting
to see abandoned
houses and
buildings crumbled
to the ground,
much like
what our media
loves to paint.
to my surprise,
I see
a vibrant city,
like a Phoenix,
rising from the ashes
to its former glory.
High rise buildings
glisten in the sun,
breaking free
from a long,
monotonous winter.
Graffiti scribbles
introduce me
to the urban jungle.

The hustle and bustle,
we sit in traffic
for an eternity,
but my bus mates
are friendly
and welcome
me to Detroit.
When we finally
park on Woodward Avenue,
departing from
the friendly folks
and their families
I get to meet—
I start eastward
and head to the
first restaurant I see:
 Motown Coney Island
to plan my adventure
through Detroit’s
concrete jungle.

I'm still working on some pieces from my travels. I'm going to post them on once they're done (and I will post them in a new entry, then just highlight this entry). I really enjoyed my trip and although I have decided not to move there, I would still travel to Detroit again... but only as a day trip, then hang out in Roseville at night.

Doug and Maddie's College Graduation Party

Matthew Graduates High School

My 25th Birthday

Matthew's High School Graduation Party

Bug Fest 2014

Mom Turns 50 and Her Birthday Party on 8/16/14

This was the dessert at William Penn Inn (8/14/2014... her 50th birthday)

Trying the Snapper Soup at William Penn Inn.

Memphis 2014

I'm so excited for this trip! We leave on 9/18 and come home on 9/21. On temp job apps, I am putting I can start on 9/22. Here are pictures of things mom and I are planning.

There's a Civil War section in Pink Palace! :)

Beale Street! I can't wait to get my own pictures!

Today as the sun goes down,
colourful leaves will swirl and fall;
Samhain begins when summer drowns
today as the sun goes down.
Smiles for cool weather replaces frowns
and celebrations of harvest and treats for all-
today as the sun goes down,
colourful leaves will swirl and fall.

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