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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Flying with Teeth Issues

This morning was fun. Dad bought donuts and I had a glazed donut. Usually I avoid chewing on my left because my teeth are brittle and I lost a filling on the left side once. I guess I wasn't paying attention because I chewed on my left side and half of my tooth fell out. I went to the dentist and he did fill it, but he warned me that I can't chew on my left side at all because the filling will fall out... since I lost half my tooth. I will be saving to get a crown early next year. He recommended for early next year because right now I don't need a root canal and I want to avoid that. Besides, it was interesting eating when we went to lunch today... I was paranoid and ended up cutting my pizza into small pieces and chewing with my front teeth only.

Mom and I fly out of Philadelphia to Memphis on Thursday evening at 6:30. I haven't flown in two years - the last time I flew was to Milwaukee in 2012. I always get headaches when flying because of pressure. Since I can't chew gum, I've been looking at different ways to relieve the pressure. I found: What Causes Pressure In the Ear?

  • Inhaling then slowly exhaling through a pinched nose and a mouth closed can be done to relieve the pressure or discomfort
  • Applying a warm compress. Pour hot water over folded paper towels. Lie on the unaffected side and apply the towel over the affected ear.  Place a cup over the towels to allow heat from the paper towels to allow the ear to open up.
  • Hydrate with plenty of fluids such as water, juice, or herbal tea. Fluids help dilute mucus and relieve ear pressure
  • Apply a warm compress over the affected ear.
  • Arrange pillows to elevate the head while sleeping. This allows drainage and reduces ear pressure
  •  Take a hot shower or boil water for steam inhalation. Place the head directly over a wide-mouthed pot and cover with a large towel to inhale the vapor from the boiled water. This will help drain the sinuses and reduce the discomfort cause by the ear pressure.

I'm glad it's only an hour and a half flight. I don't think it'll be too bad and usually it's relieved after I land. Memphis is an hour behind us because they're on central time, so it might be a two hour flight. Since mom and I arrive in Tennessee closer to 9 at night, we're going to eat dinner at our hotel. We'll probably just hang out at the hotel to get a better idea of what we're doing for Friday and Saturday.  We're definitely doing Memphis Hop and I have to check the bus route for the Pink Palace since that's not on the Memphis Hop route. So excited! I'm bringing a notebook to write about my trip.


  1. That's scary that you lost part of your tooth on a glazed donut. You could have lost all of it on steak or something.

    1. Yeah... I'm really hoping my other molars don't follow suit. :( I will have to massacre my food from now on until I get that crown.

  2. My, my, we must be getting old, our teeth are falling out! :O At least, yours just did, and I'm a month and a half older than you, ahh! (This is why I generally avoid reading what you've been up to - my apologies, but... that's honestly really scary! It makes me continue to floss despite the varied problems such as sliming my hands and gnawing the floss apart. @_@ It honestly frayed! The dentist told me I could use the same piece over and over, but NO. It breaks.)

    I haven't flown since returning from the PRC (About 12 hours in the air! I *loved* seeing Siberia out the window :D It made my Brothers Karamazov feel more real! I irritated the others in my row especially coming home since I really really wanted to see out the window right then though they wanted to sleep).
    Have fun! I learned how to click my ears around my Texan flight which relieves the pressure - it's like yawning. Quick search reveals this which I guess explains what I mean a little better.

    Enjoy your Memphis journey!

    1. I have a lot of dental issues that stemmed from when I was a kid. Dumb dentist I had at the time in 2004/2005.

      Thanks! I'm so excited for this trip. :)

  3. Ouch! I hope it won't get any worse. :(

    1. Me too, Andrew. Once I save up the money, I'm getting that crown because right now it's either eating oatmeal like foods or cutting things up and chewing with my front teeth. :\