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Monday, September 15, 2014

Feelings of Fall/ Packers Surprising Win

For the past few days it has been feeling like fall in Pennsylvania. Last week I exclaimed, "In Green Bay it's 46 degrees! I hope that weather comes here soon!" Sure enough it has and last night it went down to 45 degrees. I love this time of year because I do love cool weather. I'm a cold weather girl. I also love this time of year because pumpkin spiced goodies are now out. Pumpkin spice iced coffees, donuts, pies and candy are my favorite. Halloween candy is also now officially out, which I saw yesterday at Big Lots.

Football season is a favorite, of course. I was happy that the Ravens beat the Steelers by a landslide on Thursday night. Yesterday my beloved Packers played. With day temperatures in the 60s here, it was a perfect day to wear my Jordy Nelson jersey, Cheesehead and cuddle under my Packers fleece.

I was playing around with the self timer on my phone. The last one came out perfectly. :)

For the first half of the game, I was watching as a nervous wreck. The Packers were losing by a landslide and I couldn't believe all the mistakes that were being made... especially against the Jets: the Jets are usually a lousy team. They did start to catch up by the end of the second quarter when I made my own fruit punch and ate some rainbow sherbet; I joked that was a good luck charm. However, I decided to take a shower and practice for the interview I had with Montgomery County (PA) today. That was a good 45 minutes and when I turned the TV back on, the Packers were winning by a touchdown! They played good for the last quarter and I smiled at the results.I really hope they continue playing like they did in the fourth quarter and of course improve. I'm hoping in a few weeks, they'll look like their 2011 season again (15-1 record). That would be nice!

The fruit punch I made (sherbet and Seven Up) and the sherbet.


  1.'s funny that Halloween stuff is already out over there. Over here, I've seen Christmas items for sale!

    1. Big Lots had some Christmas things out! Mom and I made fun of them.