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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Confederate Park | Memphis, TN.

I couldn't resist getting a picture with the statue of Jefferson Davis, the president of the Confederacy during the American Civil War (1861-1865).

While mom and I were waiting for our flight in Philadelphia, we overheard a really friendly woman who was a Memphis native. She was from East Memphis, which is a rough area, then came to Philadelphia with her preacher husband 20 years ago and moved back to somewhere else in Tennessee. I really liked talking with her; I loved her exuberance and she was very helpful in suggesting other things we could do. She mentioned that all the Civil War parks were in the process of having their names changed. She said Confederate Park would be the first park to have its name changed, but when we were there last Friday (September 19, 2014) it was still called "Confederate Park."

Mom and I enjoyed our walk around Confederate Park because it overlooked the Mississippi River. The Mississippi River had a lot of river boats on it that day and the skies were just so blue, the clouds so fluffy. It was a warm day, but not too humid at that time of morning (10 AM CT).

We took in the beautiful scenery of the Mississippi River, then I decided to walk around. The night before, mom and I went on a carriage ride that was led by a handsome guy named Anthony (well, I thought he was handsome) and he was really informative. He said he served in the Navy, trained as a pilot once he served (and got out) and has a pilot license, but he was really good with history. He was also really friendly. I was so glad he took us through Confederate Park the night before because it was neat at night... but I wanted to see it in the day time. I read the plaques and we sat on the benches overlooking the cannons, the statue of Jefferson Davis, the Mississippi and the rest of Memphis. 

The above pictures are of Confederate Park at night. So neat!

It started getting warm a half an hour later, the humidity started creeping in at around 10:30 AM CT. Mom said, "this is probably getting a bit too warm for you. Want to head back to see the Peabody Ducks?" I shook my head and we made our way back to the Peabody Hotel to get better pictures of the ducks since a lot of people were there for the march.

I'll write about the Peabody Ducks tomorrow; I finally opened the grape Faygo I bought in Memphis last Saturday. Mom and I traveled an hour outside of King of Prussia today and found a Sheetz that sold Faygo (we don't have Sheetz in King of Prussia, we have a Wawa instead that doesn't sell Faygo). Faygo is so good. But before I leave you, here's a picture of the courthouse that Anthony said all Memphis rappers rap/complain about. Well, actually it's a law school now with mock trials, but back in the day... it used to be a working courtroom.

Couldn't resist posing in front of the infamous courthouse.

Mmmm, soo good. I love grape Faygo. This was the first flavor I ever tried. Someone in Detroit gave me a complimentary can when I arrived. No, it wasn't a street person. She was on the train and this older lady was en route back to visit family (she moved to North Carolina with her husband, but the rest of her family stayed). The can wasn't opened and it was fresh. Beale Street only had grape or orange. I want to try orange,but I only bought grape because I wasn't sure how it'd fare on the flight home - it fared fine! :)

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