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Friday, September 26, 2014

Blues City Cafe | Beale St. | Memphis, TN

As soon as mom and I turned onto Beale Street, we were debating where to eat dinner. We had only been in Memphis for an hour and a half, but we were starving. I really wanted to go to B.B. King's restaurant, but it was very crowded. Mom and dad love watching the Food Network (I'm more of a Create channel person; it's a sub-channel of WHYY and PBS), especially Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. Someone at the Philadelphia Airport suggested Blues City Cafe on Beale Street and mom remembered Guy Fiere visiting and raving about the place. "Would you mind going here? It sounds pretty awesome!" I replied, "Works for me! I'll just get something soft so I don't break the rest of my tooth."

We entered the cafe and we were greeted by a friendly man. I was surprised to see a worker wearing an Eagles hat, then another wearing a Packers hat (I was so happy about that one), but both workers talked to us before we were seated near a window that overlooked Beale. We were handed our menus and we carefully overlooked. I ordered a sweet tea (I love sweet iced tea; down South, they called already sweetened iced tea sweet tea) and mom ordered a beer. I've always heard that Memphis style ribs were awesome. I thought, "What the heck? I can just cut the meat off the bones and mutilate it so I can chew." Mom settled for the ribs too and we ordered those. Mom also ordered crab stuffed mushrooms. The crab stuffed mushrooms were to die for!

When they brought out the ribs with French fries, slaw and baked beans, my eyes widened at how much food they gave us. Mom loved the ribs and so did I. I felt bad because I ate very slowly and mutilated everything so I wouldn't break my tooth (can't wait to get a crown)... but I suppose eating slowly made me savor the flavor because everything had great, savory flavor. I really loved the rub and the meat was tender, fall off the bone. It was amazing. We were both very impressed and it wasn't too expensive. For the two of us, it was $33... which isn't bad for dinner (at least compared to Philadelphia). If you ever find yourself in Memphis, definitely check out Beale Street and Blues City Cafe. It's inexpensive, the staff is friendly and professional and you meet great people from all over.


  1. Replies
    1. Yeah... they were awesome. So was the chicken and waffles.... yum!

  2. That food on your plate looks delicious!

    Those two images are really nice pictures of you. :)

    1. Thank you, Andrew. :) I like the pictures too. :)

      The food in Memphis was AMAZING. I just wish I could chew it with my whole mouth... can't wait to get a crown.