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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

$9 Processing Fee?

I really want to see Twiztid on October 18th. They're playing at the Theatre of Living Arts or TLA in Philadelphia. I've never seen them before and since I wrote at the beginning of the year that I'd like to see them in 2014, I want to get a ticket. The ticket is $20, but Live Nation has a $9 processing fee. Does anyone know if I still can purchase from a box office? If not, I don't think $29 is outrageous for a concert (actually, that's pretty dang good for a concert), so I can order it.


  1. I wouldn't know. :/ $29 is a good price, though! How long does the concert last?

    1. It starts at 9 pm. I'm going to have to leave at 11 because the trains stop at Midnight. Julie said their concerts usually last until Midnight.

      I didn't order the ticket yet. A friend said I can order at the box office, but I want to hear from the county job first and go from there. If I get the temp county job, I'd have to work two weekends. Of course, I could always work October 11, 25 or November 1st if I get it... but I want to wait until I hear first before I order.