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Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Unofficial End of Summer: Summer's End Darkness

Tomorrow the USA celebrates Labor Day, which is the unofficial end of Summer (the official end of Summer is September 22). Although I'm not a fan of summer time with the heat and humidity, I feel like this summer - this year even! has went really quickly. I've noticed the sun sets at 8:15 pm now and I look forward to when it gets dark at 4 pm. If you remembered this poem from the Summer Solstice: Summer Solstice.  I decided to write one for the end of summer. Let me know what you think:

Summer's End Darkness

Speeding down I-95 to Annapolis in the silver car,
noticing the sky above Baltimore becoming dark--
the moon shines brightly over the sparkling stars.
Speeding down I-95 to Annapolis in the silver car
to Buddy's Crabs for food and drinks in the bar,
as we watch the drummers drum in the park.
Heading north up I-95 to our hotel in the silver car,
the sky above Baltimore is a summer's end dark.


  1. Sunset is 8:17 here. We're on the very edge where Eastern meets Central.
    I liked your poem!

    1. Thank you!

      So where does Central Time start? When I was first planning to move to Detroit, I thought Detroit was central. Let me tell you how confused I was for a lot of Twiztid's radio shows because I would think it was earlier for them. Then finding out Detroit wasn't on Central Time, it boggled my mind. LOL. I know Ohio isn't either. I remember it for Wisconsin and I know Chicago and the rest of the Midwest and parts of the South are on Central.