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Friday, August 8, 2014

The Secret Life of Blogger's Blog Party: August Hiatus (8/2-8/8)

Saturday, August 2

Mom and I stopped at Kiwi and I bought a lactose free ice cream, then put a whole bunch of cookie dough, and a cherry on it.

We then went to Petsmart. I wanted to get this for Mimi, but she would have hated me for it. :D

Love the postcard sent me!

Matthew's graduation party, which was so fun. I can't believe my baby cousin is going to be a freshman in college! Matthew's Graduation Party.

Sunday, August 3

I'm about to leave to get my hair trimmed. Here's the before.

The after! She cut two inches off since my hair was very damaged from the chlorine of my uncle's pool. I also had her put in a long layer.

Bruschetta… appetizer.

Clams; part of dinner.

Monday, August 4

Another one of my hair before I go to work.

Today is the 100th anniversary of World War I; the historical society came into the library to decorate the case for month.

Tuesday, August 5

I submitted my resume to Build A Bear. The thank you screen was so cute. I love that store. ::fingers crossed::

I have my #LattesForLife, which benefits organ donation. Proud organ and bone marrow donor!

Mom and I made a zucchini dish, which will be part of tomorrow night's dinner.

Mimi getting groomed.

Wednesday, August 6

The "hairy balls" are a seed sack of the milkweed plant. I think you plant them, mom is waiting for her sister to reply to her.

People on City-Data got a kick out of the first picture and 2+ for reputation points:
Daily Random Photos -...08-08-2014 02:12 PMNice, very nice. BECLAZONE.

Yep, it rained.

Thursday, August 7

Happy birthday, Irena! Here we are in 2012 at her college graduation. Man, it's crazy to think the last time I saw her… I think I briefly messaged her last year about getting together and catching up, but life is too busy.

Mimi enjoying the new sheets on her bed.

Me dressed for the Build A Bear interview.

Having lunch here before I go to my interview at Build A Bear.

Mmm, raw oysters are the best!

My main meal.

I'd never seen him look that way,
Freshly trimmed, his peach skin shines;
Clean white shirt, brand new jeans.
He stole my breath as I try to find my words.

Freshly trimmed, his peach skin shines;
I never realized how blonde he had been.
But where was his Detroit embroidered hat?
Or Mishka? What does he have hidden up his sleeve?

Never realizing how blonde he had been-
He leads me to his brand new white Escalade,
"I have an idea in mind," I'm surprised he's calm;
I'm nervous as hell, but I smile and let him continue.

In his brand new white Escalade,
"How about dinner at Slow's, then a show?"
"Sure!" I smile and give him a hug and kiss;
He always knows how to make my visit special.

I'd never seen him look that way.

Someone commented that Mono looked like Eminem in this shot. Haha, maybe a tad. I remember my huge crush on Eminem when I was 11-13 and I can see it a tad. Anyway, this is the image I was going for (sans blood) for the poem. You know, I'm going to post Sick Man again. Is he driving an Escalade or is it a Ram (I thought it was Blaze driving the Ram)? The only cars I know are made by Volkswagens and some pick up trucks. I don't know flashy vehicles that rappers drive...

Neat! I earned 48 cents today! Thanks readers. :)

Friday, August 8

Making vegetable soup. If it turns out well, I'll be giving a container to Louis. I'm seeing him tomorrow for Bug Fest. Hopefully it does turn out well!

So excited for this! I'm going to be brave this year and try to eat more bugs other than chocolate chirp cookies. Do you think it'd be annoying if I asked Louis to take a picture of that? Haha. I'm bringing Wesley too.

I have decided that for the rest of August, I'm going to give my blog party a break. When I return, I'll probably alternate it every other week, depending on what I get as a filler job until Green Bay comes along. I will still be posting writing and pictures, just not the weekly blog party for a month or so. Just want some r & r. Enjoy the rest of your summer, dear readers!


  1. You had me at bruschetta...yum.

    1. My mom makes awesome bruschetta. I told her she should show me how to make it before I move. :)

  2. I took my sister to Kiwi after we ate together at a Thai restaurant. It's rather interesting eating with someone who has such dietary restrictions, but I'm sure you've eaten with enough Jewish and Persian friends that's not anything weird.

    I semi-recently cut essentially all my hair off in preparation for my Ivan Denisovich costume. (8 inches?) It's bizarre showering, and I can't take walks any more since I get so hot and I don't have long hair to sweat on and cool me off presently. Oh well. This November I'm growing it back.

    Life is only as busy as you can handle. This is my experience.

    Enjoy the excitement of waiting for Build-a-Bear results!

    I post when something inclines me to say something different - right now I am 1093 words behind my VaV goal today...

    1. Thanks. It would be a fun temporary job until I hear something from Wisconsin. I'm going to try Starbucks and some other places. I might see if any temp agencies are looking for anyone TEMP ONLY instead of temp to perm.

      Ah, yes. I have to be careful of dairy. I've lived my whole life with dietary restrictions, haha. So, nothing is weird to me. What did Vic end up getting? I never realized they had vegan friendly stuff.

      Neat! You'll have to send me a picture! I want to see how short it is. Sometimes I log on to Wesley's account, so if you want to add Wesley...

    2. Would you be against taking a temp-to-perm position and just not sticking with it long enough for it to become perm?

      I should be more careful with my diet, but I've been okay-ish thus far. I don't know! There were like three kinds she could get, but I don't remember, since what she got was none of my concern.

      I friended Wesley, and the photo Dad took just after the stylist finished is my current profile shot.

      Just as Wo Xe, my MC, reflected discouragedly on how impossible her plan was, I slowed on my dramatic word count.

    3. Well, my goal is to move out of Pennsylvania and going perm would prevent that. I would rather have something temp that way I can leave whenever with no strings attached. Temp would be a perfect way to get some experience and make a little money, but they don't expect you to stay; they expect you to move on after a few months.

      Alright! I'll check out his requests!

  3. Lots of tasty foods present in this post. :)