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Friday, August 1, 2014

The Secret Life of Blogger's Blog Party: It's Only the Journey That Matters In the End (7/26-8/1)

Saturday, July 26

Let the rains begin! Sunny loves when it's raining and still humid!

We went to Red Robin. I love the Freckled Lemonade.

This was a neat bookstore!

We went to dad's friend's butcher shop and this ice cream is the best!

Sunday, July 27

The Target opened today. It was okay. I liked this ad though. :)

Last night dog sitting. It was lightning and Daphne hates the lightning. I was hanging out with her to calm her down.

Monday, July 28

The milkweed has bloomed!

My mom and Aunt Peg have this joke: they call these hairy balls. Apparently, the Monarch butterflies are attracted to it. I'm not sure exactly what the function of the "hairy balls" are, but I think the Monarchs might feed off of them.

Old hornet's nest that broke. I thought it looked cool.

I bought figs the other day; they're over ripe now.

Tried sautéing them, but the end product didn't look too appetizing and we threw them away, sadly.

Tuesday, July 29

I picked up my pictures today. You can view the entry here and see my album: Photographs From Film.

Lactose free vanilla with tapioca bubbles and cookie dough at an ice cream shop.

When I was coming home, I took the train because I missed the bus. When I was walking, I saw some guy had the Insane Clown Posse patches on his backpack. I'm glad he heard me say, "Hey, I like your patches" because he had his iPod blasting. I think he was confused because he said, "thank you?" and saw my Twiztid shirt and quickly warmed up. He asked if I went to the Gathering this year and I said I didn't because I am planning to move and need to save money. He said the same thing, but he went last year. We also talked about Twiztid and that's his favorite too. He didn't introduce himself, but I didn't think of introducing myself either (which is odd because I usually introduce myself). It was interesting and a nice surprise to talk to someone about Psychopathic.  Not many los and lettes in Pennsylvania. I might have to write more about this... so I can have it for a story or an essay or something. Yes, I'm committed to journaling.

Wednesday, July 30

On I joined a pen pal group. My pen pal this month is in New Zealand; I wrote her a letter and will be sending her a letter along with this picture tomorrow. Someone in the UK sent me a birthday card and I have her thank you note, then another member in Portland, OR has a birthday next week and I'm sending her a birthday card.

Thursday, July 31

After I stopped at the post office, I saw nan's old neighbor was out with one of her several cats. I stopped to talk to her and she brought Gabby out. Gabby is 14 years old and he was one of the cats I made friendly 12 years ago. He is my boy. I'm glad he remembered me since I haven't really seen him since nan died. It made me sad to see how old and skinny he was. :( Here are two pictures of him from 2005:

Dad bought cucumbers so I could make pickles again. :)

Sweet, refrigerator pickles. I need to get another mason jar so I can make the dill pickles for mom.

Before the last day of the art class. The children's department has this hanging up and I always loved this picture.

Today is the last day of the art class. I enjoyed teaching the children about art and helping them.

My creations. They wanted us to colour a Campbell soup label like Andy Warhol so we can display in the library.

My creation.

Friday, August 1

Happy August! I can't believe it's August already and I believe it's Mr. Binkley's, my friend Claire's dad, birthday today as well. Happy birthday!

One of my favorite sections of the library: the philosophy section.

Some contests I'm going to enter that way I can add to my resume for Wisconsin. :)

I'm helping dad out with work. I'm putting labels over the old sheriff's name. I like doing this. :)

I'm going to buy a ticket. Just debating whether or not to get one after I get a local job first. I himmed and halled, and although Philadelphia isn't my favorite place: I want to see Twiztid. I want to meet them and I've never seen them before… it was something I've always wanted to do.  Besides, last October I did make them a video begging to come to Philadelphia. I'm not sure if I'll be here in October whether if I win the Green Bay Packers contest or I get a job in Green Bay, but if that's the case I can always scalp the ticket.

And I could see this cute, little smile. :D Monoxide's smile makes me smile.


  1. My father courteously accepts your birthday greetings, saying to thank you and my other friends who have extended similar sentiments.

    To celebrate his diamond jubilee, my parents are spending the weekend in Wildwood, NJ. (There are other good economic reasons for this involving Irish rock and the popularity of the resorts in that are, but that's supposedly the primary reason.)

    My sister is taking the opportunity to have Sean over, and I a Russian товарищ. Peculiarly enough, the lattermost man insisted I should take the day after pill, despite my protestations we did nothing dastardly together, for all measures were in place to ensure nothing detrimental could happen. Just an hour ago, we had dinner together - immediately before ingesting my eel hors d'œvres out came the contraception medication. He gave me a pamphlet of side effects to keep in mind. It essentially said to disregard abnormal menstruation next month since it was changing me hormonally. I told him this was ridiculous, but it seemed to comfort him. It's true this is when my parents had me (I was late by a few weeks), and right now is when I'm hormonally most appealing to the other sex in my cycle... I told him I'd see him next week when my nuclear family is back so I don't have to keep track of the house. Initially he was protesting we shouldn't make a date, but a few hours later, he was whistling a different tune, so I am learning to disregard the particulars he tells me, but to interpret body language.

    *tries to see if the philosophy stuff is anything good* My background is in Marxism-Leninism. Next week I need to return the Sufi book, the two Marx tomes, the third Lenin collection, and my Political Terrorism study guide. For now it is fine. This evening I have five books in front of me: of course Dostoevsky's The Idiot, the Political Terrorism study guide, Mark Bowden's Guests of the Ayatollah, Thaler/Sunstein's Nudge, and the Music in Korea book, which is surprisingly closely tied with the politics of that region.

    Have a good evening!

    1. I remember when I was taking progesterone to kick start periods, that was also a possible side effect... but it never happened with me. :( Just make sure you keep your doctors informed since that stuff does change you hormonally. Also, take note of weird side effects. I've never taken BC, but if it's anything like progesterone... it has some terrible side effects.

      I hope your dad had a great birthday and is enjoying the vacation. :)

  2. Ah, so Mimi is another cat who crosses her paws. :) Tinker did that, too.

    That hornet's nest does look cool! Have you ever seen a live hornet's next before? My brother, Dad and I saw a couple at a friend's house years ago.

    1. Can't say I have; dad always sprays those when they first become active. Dad hates wasps, yellow jackets and hornets, lol. Carpenter and honey bees are the only bees we like.